10 More Famous Ghost Pictures and Their Story

Posted on 06/30/2010
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I recently presented 10 famous ghost pictures and gave you the supposedly true stories behind them. Now I give you 10 more famous examples of some of the most interesting and creepy pieces of ghostly photographs I have ever come across. These photos are intriguing to say the very least. If these pictures are proof of an afterlife is up for debate what is not debatable is that they will invoke strong feelings, most likely a strong feeling of fear.

1. Ghosts Do Not Go AWOL


In 1924 two crewmen of the S.S. Watertown were accidentally killed, when they inhaled dangerous gases while cleaning out the ships cargo tank. Their was no where to store the bodies and the ship would not be reaching land for several more days, so the captain ordered that the bodies were to be thrown overboard. Over the next several days every member of the crew including the captain saw the faces of the deceased men peering up at them from the water. When the ship docked in New Orleans the captain of the S.S. Watertown decided to purchase a camera. The ship eventually went back out to sea and the same bizarre ghostly faces began appearing in the water again. This time the captain got a picture of it.

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