5 Scariest Places to Stay the Night

Posted on 09/06/2010
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After a long day of driving a blue exit sign listing the hotels that are available off the exit can be a welcoming sight. Sometimes people go to stay at hotels and bed and breakfasts to escape the pressures of everyday life or to just stay somewhere that is unfamiliar to escape normalcy. Sometimes, though, when one goes to these destinations, the trips can turn out to be less relaxing and more frightening.

5. Hotel Del Coronado


Hotel Coronado is located on an island just outside of San Diego. It provides guest with a high-class resort experience on a beachfront location and has been used as romantic retreat for couples since it first opened its doors. With romance, though, always comes the potential for heartbreak, which the Coronado has also seen plenty of. In fact, some of the heartbreaks to occur in the Coronado have caused some of the depressed guests to stick around even after death.

The most famous ghost at Del Coronado is that of a woman named Kate Morgan. It is said that in the late 1800s Kate checked into the hotel to meet her estranged husband. She was hoping to rekindle their love and passion by spending a weekend together at the Coronado. Her husband never showed up for their scheduled getaway leaving Kate alone at one of the most romantic places in the world. A few days later Kate’s body was found on the beach. She had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Room 3502 was Kate’s room and since her death it has become a hotspot for paranormal activity. Whispering, inexplicable cold spots, strange bumps and bangs, foot steps, doors opening and shutting on there own, and even being touched by an invisible entity are all reported in this haunted room. Kate is also seen from time to time wandering the beach were she chose to end her life.

4. The Stanley Hotel


This hotel is located snugly in a remote area of the cc. It is enjoyed by guests due to its isolation and solitude, and has been used as a retreat for those who just need some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, some who stay at this gorgeous hotel often find it hard to relax considering that most have to share their rooms with undead entities.

The hotel is said to be haunted by F.O. and Flora Stanley, the original owners. Flora is often heard playing her piano while F.O. is spotted in the billiards room or wandering around the hotel still carrying out his duties as the owner even after death. Another permanent guest of the hotel is that of a young child who is often heard in the early morning hours scampering up and down the halls while laughing and giggling.

The hotel is perhaps most famous for inspiring Steven King to write The Shining. King was still a young writer working on his third book when he began to suffer from writer’s block. King decided to get away for a while and what is perhaps an act of fate, or luck chose to stay at the Stanley Hotel. King was one of the sole guests at the hotel as it was preparing to shut down. One instance saw King getting lost in the maze-like hotel halls having to resort to frantically asking a staff member how to get back to his room.

3. Le Pavilion Hotel


Le Pavilion Hotel is located in the downtown area of one of the most haunted cities in the world, New Orleans, Louisiana, and it is said that this hotel matches the city that it is located in when it comes to hauntings. While claims of ghosts come out of the Le Pavilion hotel daily, there are several ghosts that appear more frequently than others.

The most frequently seen undead guest at the La Pavilion Hotel is that of a young girl named Adda. The story goes that Adda was set to board a ship with her family when a carriage tragically struck her in the 1800s. The strange thing about this ghost is that she does not seem very ghostly. In fact, most of the witnesses say she will communicate with you and seems like a living human until she vanishes before your eyes. One story goes that during Mardi Gras a young man bumped into Adda forcing her to drop her purse. He was struck by her 1800s period costume and attempted conversation. The man picked up the girls purse and handed it back to her. Adda then said to him, “excuse me, I am very lost,” and then vanished into thin air.

Among the other ghostly guests at the Le Pavilion are an aristocratic 1920s era couple who are often seen strolling the halls of the 3rd and 4th floor. The apparition of a young man who appears to be a member of the hippie generation has also taken up permanent residence at this hotel. He is often seen running through the lobby or down the halls of the hotel as if something is chasing him.

2. Provincial Hotel


Hotel Provincial, like Le Pavilion, is located in the heart of haunted New Orleans. It has an old world southern charm that keeps guest coming back, but also has a paranormal presents that drives guests to the exit. The hotel was used as a confederate hospital during the civil war and paranormal activity seems to have been a mainstay at this hotel ever since. Countless reports from guests and staff members at the hotel of ghosts have flooded on to the Internet and the complaint box at the hotel.

One room is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former soldier, who is often seen as a full body apparition in a khaki uniform. The ghost is said to have a passion for oldies music and the clock radio in the room will often tune itself to the local oldies rock station. Guests in the room often tell tales of constantly feeling like that they are being watched and other lucky or perhaps not so lucky few, have actually seen the stern face of this apparition staring at them before it vanishes into thin air.

Staff members say that the most haunted area of the hotel is an area referred to as Building #5. In this area guest have claimed to open the doors to their rooms and see the shadows of wounded soldiers and even hear their groans of pain. The apparitions vanish once the light is switched on. Another guest staying in this building claims that she was dragged from her bed and drug across her room floor until she smashed into the wall. Needless to say, she checked out that same night.

1. Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast


Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done She gave her father forty-one. -Children’s Jump Rope Song

On August 4, 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts, Andrew Borden and Abby Borden were found murdered in their family home. Andrew’s body was discovered slumped on a couch in the downstairs sitting room while Abby was found in the floor of the guest bedroom. The two of them were hacked to death with a hatchet. Also in the house at the time of the murders was their daughter Lizzie Borden. Lizzie was eventual charged with the murder of her father and step mother, but was acquitted despite incriminating evidence including trying to purchase cyanide a few week before the murder and suspiciously burning a dress a few days after the murders.

Today the Lizzie Borden house is a bed and breakfast where guests can chose to spend the night in one of the most morbid bed and breakfasts in the world. Along with the house’s unsavory past, ghosts also cause guests at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast to have restful nights. It is said that lights turn on and off on their own accord and doors are open and shut by some unseen force. Staff members and guest claim to hear conversations emitting from rooms where no one is located and they also hear the distinct sound of a women weeping late at night.

One guest of the bed and breakfast claims that they had a close encounter with one of these ghosts. A man and his wife checked into the Borden house and got the room that Abby’s body was found in. The man brought the luggage up to the room while his wife stayed and took care of the payment. While unpacking the man noticed a strange indentation on the bed as if someone were laying on it. Even the pillow had the indentation of a head. The man rushed out of the room to retrieve his wife, and when they returned the bed had returned to normal.

These five sleepover spots are suggested by eyewitness claims to be haunted, and there are many more like them all across the world. So the next time you decide to have a romantic getaway or stop to take a load off after a long days driving, try not to be caught off guard if you are forced to share your room with the ghosts of former guests.

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