72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon (Part II)

Posted on 07/25/2012
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He is the great Duke and shows himself as mermaid. He leads great leaders and see battles, and he cam cause big storms on the sea if the one who evoked his requires such a thing. He can make a man die in three days if wounded.

44. SHAH

He is the great Marquise. He comes as a dove speaking in hoarse voice. He destroys sight, hearing and ability to understand any men or women. He can, if ordered, steal the treasure of a king and brings it back in 1200 years. He will obey, bu only if you order him while he is in a triangle, otherwise, he will be the one controlling the one who evoked him.

45. VINE

The is the great King and a Count. He appears as a monster, but he can be asked to take a human form. If ordered he can build bridges, destroy walls and raise storms. He makes the things hidden visible and reveals past, present and future.


He is the great Count and shows as a monster, but he can take a human shape if ordered so. He gives skills and knowledge of math, astrology and geometry. He gives knowledge about herbs, stones and forests. He switches the bodies of dead people and light phantom candles on those graves.

47. VUAL

He is the great Duke and first he comes as a huge dromedary, but after that he takes a human shape and speaks in Egyptian. He can make women lustful and knows about past, present and future, he makes friendships. He was once from the Order of Authority.


He is the great President. He comes in the shape of a gigantic bull with the wings of a Griffon. If required he will take the shape of a man. He gives wisdom and all the metals into gold and vine into water.


He comes in the shape of an angel . He speaks mystical about hidden things. He teaches geometry and human sciences. He makes great excitement. He makes water hot. He was once from the Order of Authority before he fell.


He is the great Duke, he comes as a cruel old man with a long beard and hair. He comes riding a white horde and has a spear in his hand. He teaches philosophy, rhetoric, logic and palm reading.


He is fearful and powerful King, he comes with three heads, one of a bull, one human and the third one of a ram. He has a tale of a snake and fire spits from his eyes. He rides a strong and dangerous bear and carries a hawk on his hand. He speaks in hoarse voice. He gives answers about past, present and future. He can make someone invisible and gives wisdom.


He is a strong Duke, comes as a solider on a big white horse. His face looks like a lions one, but it is red and you can see fire in his eyes. He speaks hoarsely and very loudly.He teaches astronomy and gives good spirits in house. One page article

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