72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon (Part I)

Posted on 07/24/2012
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Great Duke, appears as a monkey with dog's head. He sees past, present and future, gives answer to all questions and secures high places and honor.


Great Prince.Appears with the head of a leopard, has wings of a Griffon, but he can also take a human shape as a beautiful man. He creates love and provides happiness in love and makes women go mad and lustful.


Horrible and powerful King. He rides on a white horse while all kind of music surrounds him. He is furious if he is called first and must be held and handled in a triangle or a circle and with a stick of hazel, and he must be turned to the South-East. He must be welcomed as a King with respect but no matter what you must wear a silver ring on the middle finger of your left hand and always near your face. He makes love happen among men and women and he comes from the Order of Power.


He is a powerful Marquise. He looks like Sagittarius, dressed in green with bow and arrows. He is the one who makes wars and killings.


The Great Duke. He appears as a handsome knight carrying hoist, flag an iron. He brings the secrets to light and creates wars, armies, lust and passion.


The great Duke. He appears dressed in red as an armed solider. He makes women lustful and he can transform them in some other shapes while men are making love with them.


The great President and Count. He appears as a big snake, but he can also take the shape of a human but with horns and big teeth. He carries sharp sword in his hand he is the creator of past, present and future. He can bring peace between enemies.


Powerful Duke who appears as a strong, big man with a tale of a snake, riding a white horse. He is good with herbs and jewelery. He can take people from one place to another in a second.


The great Duke. He appears as a brave solider riding a crocodile with crown of a Duke on his head. He brings love.


The great King. He appears as a man with lion head carrying a snake on his hand, riding a bear with trumpets in front of him. He hides and finds hidden treasure and gives straight answers to all the questions you ask. He brings good spirits in house.

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