8 Creepy Graveyards

Posted on 05/28/2010
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8. St. Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana

While I personally consider this location more of a gift shop for tourists than an actual haunted cemetery, you can’t really discuss creepy graveyards without mentioning this famous city of the dead. Located just beyond the French Quarter of New Orleans in this cemetery the dead are on a level plane with the living. The deceased are kept above ground in crypts and tombs because when the New Orleans residents attempt to bury their dead heavy rains and floods cause them to come back to the surface. Voodoo queen Marie Laveau is rests in this cemetery and some claim she makes appearances as well.


7. Resurrection Cemetery in Chicago, IL

Resurrection Cemetery is located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL and doesn’t appear to be an out of the ordinary cemetery. In fact, it is a beautiful, well cared for cemetery that does not give off a vibe any creepier than any other cemetery would. What sets it apart from other cemeteries, though, is that it is home to one of the most infamous ghosts in Chicago. Rumor has it that if you drive by the graveyard late at night you may see the ghost of a young girl named Mary, affectionately called Resurrection Mary by locals. In fact, sightings of this hitchhiking ghost date back to the 1930s and continue to this day.


6. Highgate Cemetery in Highgate, London, U.K

This gorgeous cemetery opened in the 1800s and is listed on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England, which is a pretty big deal. The tombs are built in a Gothic style and the allowance for trees, flowers, and shrubs to naturally grow in the graveyard give the cemetery a mystical feel. Combine this mystical aurora with the fact that there are eyewitness reports of the dead rising from their tombs and you got one creepy cemetery. Many witnesses claim to see people emerging from crypts and some even claim to have physical contact with the apparitions. One man claims he was literally hypnotized with fear after getting lost in the cemetery by one of these undead beings. Another witness was attacked in the cemetery and taken to the police station in a state of shock. She began proclaiming that she was attacked by a vampire.


5. Stamps Cemetery (Witches Cemetery) in TN

Located deep within the backwoods of Tennessee, just outside the small interstate town of Cookeville, this is one of the creepiest, and less known cemeteries in the United States. Stamp’s Cemetery, usually referred to by its more popular name the Witches Cemetery, is one of the oldest graveyards in the state and its appearance is evidence of that. Jagged weatherworn stones stick out of the ground in zig-zag patterns marking where the dead are buried. What makes this graveyard even more peculiar is that a few of the stone grave markers have pentagrams etched into them. Some say that the pentagrams were used by the pioneers to contain the evil powers of those buried at the cemetery that were thought to be witches. Many also claim that at night you can see strange lights deep within the woods that surround the cemetery. Other people claim that you can often find animals slaughtered in a ritualistic fashion on the grounds of the graveyard.

4. Old Jewish Cemetery in Josefov, Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the Jewish quarter of Prague, the Old Jewish Cemetery is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe as it began operating in the early 1400s. There are 12,000 tombstones visible and possibly 100,000 people actually buried there. According to Jewish tradition you are not to remove gravestones from their original resting places, so when the cemetery ran out of room and purchasing more land was not possible extra layers of dirt were brought in and placed on top of old grave stones and the new ones were place on the new soil. This results in 12 layers of graves in this old cemetery. Did I also mention that the cemetery is also home to the man that supposedly created a golem? A golem is a Frankenstein’s monster like creature that was created by Rabbi Judah Loew to help protect the Jews of Prague from persecution. According to legend the golem eventual got out of control and Rabbi Loew had to stop the creature. Some claim to see the golem roaming the cemetery grounds and others claim to see the ghost of Rabbi Loew.


3. La Noria Cemetery in Chile

Located in the abandoned mining town of La Noria in northern Chile, this obscure graveyard has to be seen to be believed. To get to the cemetery one has to venture through a decrypted ghost town, which is also home to a lot of paranormal activity. The graveyard itself is definitely the crown jewel of creepiness in this abandoned town. The graveyard has tons of open graves. While walking through there it isn’t out of the question that one might trip over the skeletal remains of a long deceased miner. Whether the graves are open because of grave robbers or because the corpses enjoy the night air is up for debate, but this is undoubtedly one of the creepiest graveyards in the world.


2. Les Catacombes in Paris, France

It is ironic that one of the creepiest cemeteries in the world is located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In fact, it lies just beneath the ground of the city. Les Catacombes in Paris is a sprawling maze of morbid decorations. Thousands of human remains litter the walls of this labyrinth of the dead artistically placed along the pathways. It is undoubtedly home to the darkest art in the world. It also has its share of paranormal activity. Though most of the tunnels are closed to the public, there are many hidden entrances to these remote parts of Les Catacombes and it is not uncommon for some people to venture down into the catacombs and not return. Also many people report to hear disembodied voices, as well as full body apparitions.


1. Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland

Burials have been taking place at this quaint cemetery since the 16th century, but the looks of this beautiful graveyard are deceiving. Greyfrias Kirkyard is a hot spot for violent paranormal activity. More than 500 attacks were reported in 2006 and attacks have been reported as recently as 2010. All victims of this graveyard’s ferocious poltergeist claim to be grabbed on to, scratched, bitten, and sometimes hit. People whom tour the graveyard often leave with bruises and scratches that were not previously present. Much of this paranormal violence is attributed to George Mackenzie. Mackenzie is giving the affectionate name Bloody Mackenzie, because he is single handedly responsible for the death of 18,000 covenantors. Coveantors were the name giving to a group of people who attempted to start a religious and political movement that didn’t sit well with Mackenzie. Whether the poltergeist is the ghost of George Mackenzie, some evil manifestation, or the work of hysteria is unknown, but I do know that the Geryfriars Kirkyard is undoubtedly one of the creepiest cemeteries in the world.


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