Alien Abduction Entities

Posted on 09/10/2010
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The alien beings who are known to abduct humans in order to perform forced medical examinations (particularly revolving around the human reproductive system) have been widely reported since the 1950s, even though previous abductions from the late 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s are acknowledged as the earliest abduction stories. Some ufologists theorize though that alien abductions are even older but are misconstrued as encounters with gods or angels or even mythical beasts seen in ancient mythology of many cultures around the globe. Even though these abductions span time and geography, several common elements tend to always emerge. The abductees who survive these encounters have been shown to have the emotional impact close to that of post traumatic stress seen in former combat soldiers, those who have been sexually abused, and people who have undergone physical and mental torture. The types of aliens who carry out these abductions seem to fall in particular types of categories, showing several definite alien species who visit Earth.



This species of aliens are named from their skin tone, usually a light gray or blue gray color. This race is certainly the most widely associated with abductions as they make up such a large number of the entities reported by the abductees. Greys make up 90% of the cases in Canada, 67% in Brazil, 50% in Australia, and 48% in the United States. The species was mentioned in the 1863 article by H.G. Wells called “Man of the Year Million” whereby they are described as a human-like race with gray skin that had stunted bodies but big heads. This description is similar to all abduction stories featuring Greys. Most abductees describe Greys as having elongated bodies with a small chest and severe lack of muscle definition to the point of having their skeletal structure be visible. The proportion of their limbs are generally depicted as different from that of humans—such as their arms and legs being the same length and evenly divided in half at their knees and elbows. Greys have no visible hair on their bodies, not even their heads or face which are abnormally large in comparison to their bodies. They are seen as having no outer ears or noses, possessing of slits or holes in these positions. Their mouths are equally small and slit-like. To match their proportionally large heads though, their eyes make up for the available space as they tend to be quite big, almond shaped, and completely black with no iris or pupil.



Nordic aliens are so named because of the fact they resemble the Nordic peoples of Europe. Being tall, statuesque, and blond these aliens have also been called Aryans as well. They tend to only take part in abductions in Europe and Latin America—particularly in Great Britain where Nordic aliens take up to 80% of the abduction stories. Only a handful of these Nordic aliens ever visit the United States or Canada though. Occasionally, in circles of ufologists, they are known as Pleiadeans or Errans since they are said to travel to Earth from the Pleiades star cluster in the Taurus constellation. However, early encounters with this race, such as the abductee George Adamski, claimed these Nordic aliens were from Venus or another planet in our own Solar System. These aliens are always very human-like in their appearance with very fair skin, colorless lips, and very light blond or even white hair. The differences in accounts about the Nordic appearance generally comes about their eyes. While some abductees claim their eyes to be shockingly pale blue, others have described them as green, violet, yellow, red, or even pink. However, they are always tall—at least six feet and even up to eight feet. Nordics are also generally quite attractive as well, pulling away from the slightly creepy look of Greys. They are generally more likely to be male than female. This attractive humanoid appearance has led some ufologists to believe these creatures are actually guardian angels rather than extraterrestrials.



Oddly enough, reptilians are one of the largest groups of alien abductors in cases from the United States even though most people automatically assume that Greys are the most active species in the United States. These creatures are seen as a mix between humanoid and reptile traits. Reptilians are reported as sometimes having tails but sometimes being tailless but are always bipedal with rather large heads and covered in scales (even though the color of these scales varies from story to story). They are always seen as malicious and negative beings. British writer David Icke theorizes the Reptilians come from the Alpha Draconis star system but a small contingency of these creatures are currently living in underground lairs on Earth in attempt to take full control of the human race or cause its downfall. Icke feels that Reptilians maintain their control over our world and their holdings in the universe through the fear and negative feeling they can generate and upon which they feed. Reptilians use negative energy as food and in order to feed themselves spark conflicts, particularly wars among other sentient species such as humans. Icke feels that Reptilians have infiltrated major governments around the world to achieve their objectives of creating negativity on Earth. In some abduction stories, Reptilians go so far in their evil exploits as to drink blood of their human victims as well in order to keep up their superhuman strength or force. The oldest encounter story featuring Reptilians comes from 1967 when a Nebraskan police officer claims to have been abducted by humanoid beings that appeared to be slightly reptilian with a winged serpent pattern on the left side of their chests.

Little Green Men


This type of alien has been one of the most ridiculed as it is commonly seen in cartoons or as a costume at alien conventions. However, these diminutive green humanoid forms have also been thought to be a subspecies of Greys. Originally these “little green men” were believed to be from Mars and were frequently dubbed “Martians.” Modern ufologists feel this was a past misconception and the little green men were simple mistaken identities for a green-tinted Grey. This term is commonly used to make fun of alien specialists and ufologists and in common culture to poke fun of any requirement that seems ridiculous. The fact still remains that early accounts of alien abductions still feature the coined term “little green men,” particularly the Kelly-Hopkinsville sightings in 1955 in which two rural Kentucky men claimed to have encountered a greenish humanoid creature that was roughly three to four feet tall. Newspapers in that immediate area were the first to use the term “little green men” when writing about the story and are probably the source of the disbelief and mocking around that term when in fact it could be a legitimate extraterrestrial species related to the Greys. Flying saucer sightings that were so predominant in the 1950s usually called the alien drivers of these objects as being small and greenish. To completely dismiss these sightings because of the ridicule such a description has met in the public eye is completely unfair to the viewers and abductees.

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