Amazing UFO Sightings From Around the World: South America

Posted on 10/11/2010
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One of the most common misconceptions about UFOs is that the phenomenon is the United States of America is alone in receiving visitors from outer space. This simply isn't true. While the U.S holds the top spot on the list of countries most visited by aliens, the phenomenon occurs world wide and the American South West is only one of a number of UFO hotspots worldwide. The area surrounding the Amazon rainforest (Brazil in particular) is another such hotspot and this is also where some of the worlds most incredible UFO stories are born.

If it's drama you're looking for then the continent of South America seems to be the place to look. The Latin American experience of UFOs is somewhat different to that of the rest of the world in that sightings here can take a very serious turn, often resulting in serious injuries or even death. If you don't believe that UFOs are dangerous these incredible stories might change your mind...

Almiro Martins de Freitas (Brazil)


In August 1970, Almiro Martins de Freitas was working as a security guard for the Funil Dam in Itatiaia, Brazil. Patrolling the area he encountered a hump-shaped object with a row of flashing red and orange lights sitting atop a small hill. As de Freitas approached the object it began to make a 'terrible noise', so loud that it scared the bejesus out of him. Scared, de Fretas' first instinct was to draw his revolver and take a shot at the strange object, invoking a defensive response; a bright red flash blinded the gun toting security guard and he felt a simultaneous wave of intense heat. This apparently rendered de Freitas immobile. A colleague found him frozen to the spot waving his gun in the air and shouting “don't look at the light!” By this point, however, the object has disappeared leaving no trace.

De Freitas was taken to a nearby hospital where he was submitted to a battery of physical and psychological tests, all of which confirmed that he was fine. Both the paralysis and loss of sight he suffered were attributed to shock.

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