Animal Spirit Guides and Totems

Posted on 09/07/2010
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Spotting the magic of nature is one of the easiest ways to see the powers of the supernatural in the real world. Mother Earth encompasses so many forces that can seem like the most basic components of magic—transformations like a seed into a plant or destructive forces of water that can wear down rocks and soil. Mankind's acknowledgment of the magic in nature makes humans want to be closer to these supernatural forces by being closer to the Earth. Since animals constantly live in nature and are considered to be an integral part of it, more so than humans anyway, people have been reaching out to animals to use them as a transitional medium into the magical realm. Many cultures believe in searching for animal spirit guides who act as messengers from the supernatural. The characteristics of the animal that chooses you acts as a message in itself for problems in your life and then can serve as a protective totem to watch over your well being in life. These animals can come into your life different ways when you request their presence—whether physically showing up near you or appearing in a dream. Some of the most common totems (or families of spirit animals) are listed below. While each animal is its own unique guide and mentor, these main groups tend to be similar in certain ways.



The masters of the sky are some of the most common spirit guides as they can swoop into your life when you need them and just as quickly get back to their own realm when you need to be free on your own. The majority of birds are survivalists in their basic nature though—quite literally choosing flight over fight in most of the circumstances. Their strong survival instinct can help you in a time when you feel the need to withdraw from some situation (thereby avoiding trouble in the form of physical or mental injury) but are unsure how to maneuver around it. Your bird spirit guide will be able to teach you awareness of your surroundings, special reflexes in precarious conditions, and their skilled adaptability for your to become an agile navigator in your own life. Since almost all birds can fly (with the exception for large land birds like ostriches or sea birds like penguins), they are generally associated with the element of air. If to achieve balance in your life you could use more of the lightness and freedom of air, a bird spirit guide will most likely come to you and may even help you with proper breathing techniques.



The small size and sheer number of insects on our planet has led to some unfair assumptions about these magical and ancient creatures. Their habit of being a tiny bother or pest, zooming around you and your body, makes them easily assume the role of annoyingly getting under a person's skin, but an insect as an animal spirit guide should never be considered as an infliction. When your insect totem seems to be annoying you, just know they are simply trying to gain your attention and get you to listen to their wisdom. Do not thoughtlessly or impulsively try to swat away your insect spirit guide. They are here to help you just the same as any other animal mentor. The general message given by an insect guide (no matter the type of insect) is that the individual is not as important as the collective group and the collective good. An insect spirit totem is very beneficial to anyone undergoing a transitional period in his or her life as it can provide perspective on the bigger picture while he or she is moving into a different stage or level of being.



When people set out to find or discover their animal spirit guide, they tend to only keep their eyes open for wild or exotic animals. Rarely do they expect an animal totem from an ordinary, domesticated animal. However, these animals that mankind has harnessed to help in our daily lives in countless ways can prove just as useful in aiding relief or guidance for our spirits and emotional issues—whether they are dogs, cats, cows, sheep, horses, pigs, or any other number of tamed animals. Classic children tales like those found in the Mother Goose collection or more recently in juvenile novels like Charlotte's Web fondly showcase the help given by these domesticated animals who put themselves into the lives of humans in need of mentorship or guidance. Since these domesticated animals already carry on a symbiotic relationship with humans, they are most eager to help as spiritual guides as well when their traits and characteristics fit the needs of a human asking for totem counseling. Assistance can come in the form of a domesticated creature just as easily as from an exotic one.



Animal totems that use the oceans of the world as their natural habitat have several common traits even though most of the creatures in our oceans are extremely different in the most fundamental ways. These animal spirit guides work differently than their fresh water counterparts though as the combination of water and salt is vital for oceanic life. Their ability to harness the power of the water element to invoke steady flow of energy and emotion helps people who need to have the strength and dedication to push through anything and everything that is causing instability in the person's life and spirit. The addition of salt to the mixture though adds a new twist on spirit guides of this sort. Salt is a primal element of the earth. While large amounts can harm our health, humans need to ingest a small amount of the mineral to properly function. Salt can be used in special circumstances as well to act as a purifying agent like mixtures for cleansing mouth gargles or saline sinus rinses. The spirit guide which harnesses these attributes of salt can act as a healthy, purifying presence in a person's life.

Mythical Creatures


Occasionally, a person will request an animal totem when a problem has become so overwhelming that a spirit guide from the natural world just is not able to do the trick. Mythical creatures can be totems with amazing traits and characteristics that can help in times of dire circumstances. Their mythical nature though means that if one of these special creatures chooses to be your guide though they generally will come in the form of a dream on the night or following nights of your request for help from the spirit realm or a dream like state where your mind might wander into the supernatural domain and see the mythical animal superimposed in the regular world. Also, having a very strong draw in the heart of your spirit toward a particular mythical creature may indicate a deeper meaning than simply liking that magical entity. These special beings only reach out to send specific messages to the human they have chosen to help, meaning that linking with one as a spirit guide should not be shrugged off or ignored just because they don't exist in the real world. Research the legends and folklore of your creature (griffin, mermaid, phoenix, unicorn, or any number of other mythological beings) in order to get a better understanding of what your extraordinary totem is trying to rely to you.

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