Arkaim the Most Enigmatic Archeological Site in Northern Europe

Posted on 05/21/2019
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Arkaim allows observation of 18 astronomical phenomena using 30 elements. What also makes this place special and different are the swastika shapes which have been found all around this place.


  No need to ask you if you ever heard of Stonehenge, probably there is no person on earth that hasn't heard of this archeological site. Arkaim is wrapped in controversy and considered to be Russia's Stonehenge. The site is located just north of the Kazakhstan border, in Chelyabinsk district. 

  Arkaim valley was going to be flooded and turned into an artificial lake in 1987. Before the government was to flood the area archeologist was given one year to find out what is with the circles which were discovered by military aerial photography in 1935. When the archeologist began with their work they found out that the circles were Arkaim settlements. Soon they realized this is not only a settlement but also a temple and an astronomic observatory. 

  The shape of the cities found mainly in the Chelyabinsk district is circular, divided into segments with a uniform street plan. The settlements which had about 2000 people living in there were surrounded by a ditch and had a square in the middle. It is the same way as mandalas - a square inside of a round. According to ancient scripts, round represents Universe and square is a symbol of Earth. 

  Arkaim was also round with 160 meters in diameter, it was surrounded with ditch filled with water. The wall around the city was massive, 5,5 meters height and 5 meters in width. The wall had four gates, the main gate and the largest one was the south-west one. All the buildings within the city were shaped half round and connected to the outside wall. Each building had exit to the main street. 
The city was built with a high level of precision. In the very center of the city- fortress the religious rites were performed. Arkaim raised interest to archaeoastronomers and this is where connection to Stonehenge comes from. it is known that Stonehedge was built with astronomical observation. Stonehedge allowed observation of 10 astronomical phenomena using 22 elements, but Arkaim allows observation of 18 astronomical phenomena using  30 elements. What also makes this place special and different are the swastika shapes which have been found all around this place. 

  A series of horse burials are indicating that this was home of the Aryans. Several ancient Indian texts believed to have been written by Aryans recount similar rituals. "These ancient Indian texts and hymns describe sacrifices of horses and burials and the way the meat is cut off and the way the horse is buried with its master ... If you match this with the way the skeletons and the graves are being dug up in Russia, they are a millimeter-perfect match."

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  What makes it hard for a scientist to go furder with explanation and understanding this place is the population of this city which vacated the city and took all the possessions with them. It is believed that this site was used periodically for religious rituals. 
Arkaim is interesting not only as a historic monument. It is reported to be one of the strongest 'anomaly' zones in Russia.
The mountains surrounding the fortress are somewhat of a pilgrimage to many people even nowadays. People climb to the top to get some positive energy, pray or meditate. It is not unusual to see people there using clay on their body since is believed to have healing powers. many go to the top of Repentance Mountain to ask for forgiveness. Love mountain is believed to bring luck. The nearby Male Forest is where women come to solve their relationship problems. The rumor says that walk through this forest will make you more popular with men. The growth near Grachinaya Mountain is infamous.  Birch trunks there are abnormally crooked at the bottom. They say people cannot stay there for too long, otherwise, they risk losing their minds.



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