Camp Connecticut- Haunted Place?

Posted on 07/03/2012
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When a camp closes there are a lot of rumors. About this camp in Connecticut there were some stories which lead to camp closing. I think that the story about the camp counselor who went crazy and killed up to 60 children is good enough reason to close one camp. But, as this is not enough there is a story about a bus full of children caught fire and several of them died. Camping life here is not the safest one. A girl drowned in the pond and one girl was murdered in one of the fields. The owner murdered his daughter which is now haunting this place is pretty popular, but the one about Satanic rituals and activities is even more popular.

The exact location of this camp I'm not too sure of, but you can reach it by taking a dirt road off of Rt. 85. Even the road to this camp looks spooky. No one likes to get off the main road. Across the street from the entrance is a house with a door that leads to nowhere. The door is on top of the house. The people who live in that house are responsible for the stories of pretty strange rituals in the camp ground (which is no longer in use, and is privately owned), such as sacrificing animals and/or children. Some people claim they've seen skulls laying all around the camp sites, but I am not sure if this is a true story.

Since this camp is no longer in use, but still there are people who are into "haunting business" and this place is still pretty much visited. You will not miss this place since there is a sign, saying plane and simple " Camp Connecticut". Near this is a payphone, but since this camp is no longer in use this phone is disconnected to phone lines, but people claim they heard this phone ringing. If you find yourself there and hear the phone ringing i wonder what would you do? a) Run as hell out of that place b) answer the phone and maybe get a good tip form a ghost.

Here is a story of a person living close to this camp, an I must say it doesn't sound like a ghost story or anything as exciting as all the other stories I found on internet. Taken from Dawghouse: 10.20.03: A visitor writes, "For my entire life I've lived in Colchester CT, well within 3 miles of "Camp Connecticut". First of all, the camp is not some withdrawn, secluded place as you are lead to believe. Its entrance sits right on a well traveled road, and the gate is frequently open. The property itself is owned by the Oddfellows, a fraternal society much akin to the Shriners, who have allowed residential camping on the property. Contrary to what "Dragoon" claims, the adjacent house is not home to Cultists, but a local family with the ill-fortune of being located next to a hot-spot of urban legends. I myself have visited the camp numerous times, half of them after dark. Most of my visits have been uneventful, yet the overall creepiness of the squalid property is enough to put a knot in your back, and play tricks with your eyes. However, one occasion which still bothers me was in late March, when I ventured to the property with a few friends. We used a back trail to the property, coming from the area of Judd Brook Road. Our investigation of the area proved to be another episode of twilight hallucinations but, as we walked to Old Hebron Road on the entrance road we decided to stop once more and take photos, mostly just for kicks. Upon development of the pictures we noticed the trademark orbs of light that denote the presence of a supernatural presence. Although none of us felt anything or were accosted, I doubt if I'll get anybody else to go back with me. My best advice would be to go up there for a day and check it out, but be wary of anybody staying there, they can be a little on the strange side."

Many people who took photos from the very spot. In pictures taken here, there are many orbs near the main gate and near the large sign within the camp, examinations shown not to be photo error or bad development.

There could be something more about this place, but I think that the best advice if you are chasing after stories and something supernatural, to be careful not for the ghosts or some spirits but take care of yourself and don't let your imagination and wish to see something drags you into insanity and fear. The people chasing ghosts can be more creepy than the real ghost. If someone is up for an adventure like this, be sure to keep us posted.

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