Crow`s Hill

Posted on 12/14/2015
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Bad places are not so common as bad people, but there are some so bad and dark that no one want to be near. This story is about such bad place, and maybe some equally bad people.


Since I was a little girl, I was afraid of the hill near my town, everything about that hill was scary. It is called Crow`s hill, all covered with bushy woods, thorns and inhibited with, you will never guess, countless crows. Actually there was only one good thing about that hill, and it was a fresh water spring in the bottom, with water so cold, you could drink directly from it.


There was unusual number of violent and unexplained deaths all around hill, like the land is bad. Serpentine like road goes over the hill, and it was the site of hundreds of accidents many of them with tragic income.

Few years ago, there was the strangest event that ever happened there, mother and son went to the field near the hill, to water the plants they were growing, and went missing for few days. Mother was found wondering by the road, but boy was nowhere to be found. Mother was taken to hospital, she looked like she had a nervous breakdown, and in first time did not talk at all. When she came back to her senses, she could not remember anything that happened, she was talking about them coming to the field, and then nothing… She could not remember nothing about those two days she have been lost. Locals organized teams who went searching for the boy, everyone was included, police, military, local hunters, villagers… They found no trace that could point them to find that child. Terrain was very hostile, and since it was summer mosquitos was fearsome, all people come back with itchy blisters all around body. This was first thing that lead suspicion, because mother had none, and she was there for almost three days. Search party went back and brought dogs to look around field where those two went. Few kilometers from that field dogs started barking and pointing on something, and there was a hoe, covered with blood. Police came back and arrested mother in suspicion that she had killed her own son. Woman defended her self that she does not remember anything, and that she would never hurt her son. More than 10 days people searched for that poor boy, and still no trace of him…


In same time mother was interrogated by different experts, medical, psychology, police investigators, polygraphs… and all of them concluded that she is not lying, that she does not remember anything, but they could not be sure if she lost her memory because of guilt of kill her own child, or something happened to her too. Some weeks later, some hunters stopped by spring in bottom of Crow`s hill, to give dogs some water, but dogs become upset, and started to pull hunters toward hill and forest. And there in thick brushwood they have found a skull, only skull, no tissue, or other bones, one little white skull and nothing else.


DNA test was inconclusive, and we never knew was it a skull of a lost boy, or someone else, mother was released, because of lack of evidence, and we have never learned what happened there, was that one of most atrocious crime we had in our sleepy little town, and if it was, where is the rest of the victim. And if it was not a crime, what evil has made Crow`s hill his home.

I know this, not many people go over that hill after dark, not even by car.  This spine chilling incident brought us back to primal fear of the dark, and creatures that pray in it.


Author: Marina Zivkovic Copyrighted ©


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