Cursed Name of the Firstborn Son

Posted on 12/18/2015
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I wrote this story as it was told to me, names are changed, but fear and sadness are real, there are some powers that we will never understand, powers far more bigger then us.


It was not so long ago when I finally got proof that I am not that crazy as everyone thought. From the day I was born I wasn’t much of a sleeper, that is what I was told, since I remember I was scared to fall asleep, such terrible nightmares I had.

To this day I still sleep with light turn on, because nightmares come back some times. All my dreams were tiresome fights with various creatures, always trying to hurt my family and friends, and then me. At the age of 15, I was trying to do all my sleeping during the day, but that did not help, since I had no rest I got fever and high temperature, that was the first time I saw him.

He was tall man wearing light brown suit, and standing at the corner of my room, I never manage to look directly at him; he was always at eye corner, quickly passing or just standing, from our first encounter, his presence become stronger, and my dreams more and more violent. There was time when I woke up feeling that my heart is racing, times I was suffocating, I woke up in bruises, scratches, with chipped teeth. I never could remember what exactly dreams were about, just that I was fighting to survive. And after every hard dream, man in brown suit appeared, standing at the border of my site, pushing me over the border of sanity. I was afraid to talk about him to anyone, because they could think that I am mentally ill, but anyway my parents took me to see a shrink. They were trying to cure insomnia, but it wasn’t that I couldn’t sleep, I was afraid to sleep, so sedatives made everything worse, they made me sleep, and it was hard for me to wake up.


I started skipping school, became weakly, so my friends come to my house, to hang, only 3 of us were in house, my best friend his girlfriend and myself. I was searching for some book to lend it to Nick, and then he told me that my father is home, I have locked the door and did not hear them opening so I told him that except us no one is at home. Nick went thru all rooms, as he was sure that he saw my dad, - I saw him, I’m sure, does he have brown suite?- I almost started screaming,- You saw it?! So I’m not crazy?!- That was first time I told anyone that I was seeing that man for 2 maybe more years. Nick made me promise that I will that to someone, he was terribly scared, and to this day, 20 years later, he never stays alone in my house, he follows me to the bathroom.

I decided that I can’t live like this anymore, and there was Nick treating me that he will bring a priest to do exorcism, so I told everything to my parents. My father then took me to see my great grandmother, and told me to tell her everything. As I started talking her what is happening to me she burst in tears, asked me- How is he doing? Is he in any pain? - Who??- I asked- My Michael.-she answered. 


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