Cursed Name of the Firstborn Son

Posted on 12/18/2015
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And then I heard whole story about our family curse. When she was young girl there was a man who make advance to her, he saw her while she was planting flowers in our garden, and he told her that she is most beautiful girl he ever laid his eyes upon. Man asked if he can write to her, since he is leaving town for some time, he told him that he can do that.

Years passed and not one letter came by, in the meantime, she got married, and one day he showed up on her doorstep, when he saw her, she was pregnant with her first child, he became furious, and told to her,- My name you will always remember, as it will be cause of your greatest pain.-and left. Little less than month after that, she gave birth to a baby boy, Michael. He grows up to be tall and beautiful young man, but he died one month before he turned 18, after that she was never the same, she told me. Her younger son, my grandfather, called his firstborn Michael, like his brother he loved deeply, but he did not lived to his first birthday. And now I am the firstborn son, my name is also Michael, so she is afraid that my life may be in danger. Then she told us that few years ago she had find letters, her father was hiding from her, the letters of a man in love, man called Michael, the one who cursed her. She was crying her eyes out, saying that she is sorry, that she never knew his name, until few years ago when she find concealed letters.- I would never let any child of mine to be called by that cursed name, only if I knew.- she said. 

In that time I realize that Michael was protecting me for all this time, he stood by my side, on the other side. When I asked my grandmother how did she knew instantly who he is, she told me that Michel was buried in light brown suit, exactly like one I described. From that day, every time I should go to sleep I call Michael to watch over me.

The day my great grandmother passed, I had a dream of her, telling me to wake up and not to cry, because it is all over now. I woke up and there was my mother in my room telling me that Nana dyed. Since that day, I manage to sleep almost every night, but nightmares comeback sometimes, and then I know I am close to some bad thing, so I analyze and change my way. I don’t see Michael that often, maybe once or twice a year, and I don’t allow anyone to use my whole name, it’s just Mike, just Mike.


This story is written, so no one in my family will ever use name Michael for any child, and for those who don’t believe in curse, they may believe that two Michael died at young age, and third one become lunatic. I sincerely hope that there are no more families that had to fight with curses like this, and if there are some, I hope that this story will help them find some comfort, knowing that they are not alone.






Author: Marina Zivkovic; Copyrighted ©

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