Flatwoods Monster

Posted on 08/10/2010
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A tiny, remote area in central West Virginia, nestled in the Allegheny Mountains, was put on the map in 1952—five years after the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash reports. Just outside the rural town of Flatwoods, West Virginia a small farm was the sight of another crash landed space craft. However, what really set this incident apart was the entity that had been piloting the ship. Encounters between the locals and this being have been put into modern legend even though it was thoroughly covered up and brushed off at the time of occurrence. However, recent investigations have pulled the out case out of the dusty, hidden files into the light of the public eye.


The Story

So, what's the story with this intense extraterrestrial encounter after a UFO crashing? Well, on September 12, 1952 at 7:15PM, a group of three young boys (two brothers and a friend) between the ages of 10 and 13 saw a bright object flash across the sky before landing on the land of a nearby farmer called Fisher. The crash was intense enough to shake nearby houses and make radio signals cut out for a while. After witnessing this event though, they boys ran to the home of the two brothers to tell their mother about a crash landed UFO. Being a loving and supportive mother, Mrs. Kathleen May went with the boys to the place where they thought the object landed accompanied by a two other local children and a 17 year old National Guard soldier named Eugene Lemon who brought along his dog. When they got close to the Fisher farm, Eugene's dog ran ahead of the group while barking in a frenzy. Just a few moments later, the dog came back to the group whimpering with its tail between its legs in fear. There was a tall hill just before the area where the object landed and upon topping it they were able to get a good view of the scene. They saw a large, pulsating ball of fire resting in a small crater in the ground that was surrounded by a mysterious mist that made their noses and eyes burn. Upon noticing two small lights to the left of the object, Eugene pointed his flashlight in that direction to get a better look. The beam from the flashlight landed upon a creature, which upon being discovered by the group, started to make a hissing noise before gliding toward them. Being in an intense state of panic, the entire group ran back to town as fast as possible.


Upon arrival back at home, Kathleen May contacted the local sheriff and Mr. Lee Stewert who co-owned the local newspaper. The sheriff and one of his deputies went to the area and searched it separately but reported no trace of the UFO or evidence of the encounter. However, after conducting a series of interviews, Mr. Stewert returned to the sight with Eugene Lemon later that night where both men experienced the intense smell from the mist still thick in the air. Early the next morning on September 13th, Mr. Stewert went back to the area again to get a better look at it in the sunlight. He was able to discover two elongated tracks left in the mud in addition to some type of thick black liquid.

Several concerned locals tried to contact investigators associated with the Civilian Saucer Investigation after the event. The group was able to obtain reports of a mother and her 21 year old daughter who claimed to have had an encounter with the same creature the week before September 12th. The incident was apparently so extreme that the daughter was confined to a nearby hospital for three weeks.

She was not the only one to physically suffer from an encounter with this creature though. Many members of the group who ran into the entity on September 12th were overcome with similar symptoms that persisted for quite some time that included irritation in the nose and swelling within the throat. Eugene Lemon's symptoms were even more serious as he suffered from vomiting and convulsions during the night in addition to the throat problems that continued for several weeks after the encounter. The group was agreed that their sickness was most likely from the mist emitted by the creature or its ship. A local doctor that treated the ill members of the group described their symptoms as being similar to victims of mustard gas.

Appearance of the Creature


What did “the thing” actually look like? The group was pretty detailed in their descriptions even though some of them did not completely agree with each other. Most of the people who encountered the being reported that it was at least ten feet in height with a green, human-like body but a red face that seemed to have some type of internal glow. The face of this creature is one of the most highly detailed physical features described by the group. Its face was said to be shaped like a heart or an ace of spades or perhaps just having a large cowling behind its face that was of that peculiar shape in addition to having large, bulging eyes. The arms of the being are where stories start to really vary from each other. Some accounts claim that the creature had short, stubby arms which protruded from the front of its body and ended in long, claw-like fingers while others say it had no visible arms at all.

Conventional Explanations


The sensationalism of this encounter brought a great deal of attention to Flatwoods, West Virginia. Being that people want real, solid answers, it was investigated by scientists in addition to the Civilian Saucer Investigation. Even the Air Force looked into the incident. The commonly accepted and mundane explanation is that the bright flash in the sky on September 12th was merely a meteor. The heightened anxiety of the group them distorted their experience of seeing a pulsating red hazard beacon which they viewed next to a local barn owl. Another conventional explanation is that the meteor simply created a man shaped cloud of vapor which remained in the air for a time long enough for the group to encounter it.

Other Explanations


Breaking away from the realistic and scientific, another explanation has been put forth that describes the creature as a cryptid instead of an extraterrestrial. This explanation links to the report of the mother and daughter who encountered the being an entire week before the flash of light in the sky on September 12th. Those who support this theory claim that the flash truly was a meteor and its brightness and crash landing into the earth drew the attention of the animal who went to investigate. While checking out the scene of the meteor site, the creature was distracted enough to not notice the group of humans who were also coming to investigate. Since this area of West Virginia is heavily wooded, undeveloped, and rural, it would be a perfect hiding place for a cryptid of this magnitude. The mountainous terrain would allow it to easily hide in caves or random valleys where no humans would go and therefore would not discover it.

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