Haunted Hotel the Martha Washington Inn

Posted on 07/04/2012
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Some of the creepiest stories surround the Martha Washington Inn. This hotel is located in Abingdon, VA. This hotel was built in 1832 by General Francis Preston, hero of the War of 1812, for his family of nine children. The mansion remained in the Preston family possession until 1858, when it was sold to the founders of Martha Washington College. The look of hotel hasn't change a lot during the years. It still has its charming look and its part of history,too.

A true love story happened in this place. During the Civil War, this place a women's college was transformed into a hospital. Many of the students stayed as nurses there. One day a young Yankee captain, John Stoves, was captured and brought injured into this hospital. He was placed in room 403. The volunteer Beth was taking care of him. There are two stories I have heard about his death. Of course in both versions these two fell in love.

First version is with Beth playing her violin to young captain as he lay slowly dying. She was by his side when he died, and shortly afterwards a Confederate soldier arrived to say he was transferring the prisoner, and Beth told him about captains death. Beth died soon after from typhoid fever. But the echos of her violin are often heard throughout the hotel, and guests staying in room 403 have reported seeing her there.

The second version of this story is completely the same also telling about this young brave man who died and managed to have a romance with his sweetheart Beth, who played him on her violin, but the story is placed in room 217. People keep telling they have seen the ghost of young captain and the violin playing in both rooms, so we don't know what is the real room this event happened.

This is not the only story and the only strange thing happening here. There is a mysterious bloodstain appearing in this hotel. This one is a romantic story too, about a young Confederate soldier in Abingdon who was hopelessly in love with a young woman at the college. Knowing the risks he was facing, the brave soldier felt he must say farewell to his lady love before leaving. The soldier traveled through the cave system underlying Abingdon and used a secret stairway to enter the college. As the soldier was saying goodbye to his love, two Union officers came up the stairs and found them. With no way to escape, the young Confederate soldier was shot in front of his sweetheart, and, when he fell, his blood stained the floor. The strange thing is that through the years, the bloodstain continues to appear. Carpets over the area often develop mysterious holes over the stains. Even after the floors have been refinished, the stain continues to reappear, a sad reminder of the tragedy of the Civil War.

A third story related to this hotel is about a phantom horse which waits for his master outside the front steps, a Union soldier that was shot in front of the house in 1864. On moonless nights, the horse has been seen roaming the grounds searching for his owner and awaiting the call to ride home.

The forth story is related to numerous accounts people witnessed a ghost of a soldier hobbling with help from a crutch and leaving a trail of mud in his wake have been reported from a hallway of the Inn. Long past medical help, there is only speculation why he is here at the old hospital, a ball leaving only a hideous mangle of bone and sparse flesh had split his head.

This hotel seems to be a real treasure of gold for all those who are up for some ghost haunting! With so many legends related to this place and a building as old as this one it would be a miracle if there wouldn't be any ghosts or legends about this place. There is something about old buildings. I always feel chill down my spine when seeing old buildings. In a place 200 years old must have happened a lot of deaths and I am sure not all of them were natural. I wouldn't be surprised with revenges spirits running around.

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