Monsters of Canada

Posted on 09/25/2010
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Even though many people tend to write off Canada as being either a vast and empty ice covered wasteland or simply a place with well mannered and nice natives, the nation itself has a very rich and long wearing traditions of legends and monsters. Some of the creatures come from the stories and myths from the Native Americans who still live in the country as part of the ethnic group known as the First Nations. However, some were brought over from the stories of European settlers and immigrants. This situation creates a very unique occurrence where an entire country is full of monsters that are from an extended mix of origins but still embraced by a modern population.



The story of the sasquatch has been spread all over wooded areas of the entire North American continent. While Americans typically refer to this creature as “Big Foot,” the majority of Canadians use the name sasquatch which comes from the Native American Salish word for “hairy man” or even “wild man.” The physical depiction of this creature does not seem to change much over the very large span of the nation of Canada—which happens to be the second biggest country on the entire globe as far as land mass goes. These extremely hair creatures that tend to resemble large apes seem to be very reclusive and even timid when it comes to interacting with humans. Only a few photographs or videos or even hard core evidence of the creature (like foot prints or trails) exist. Some of the most widely known pieces of evidence for the presence of sasquatch in the Canadian wilderness are hoaxes though, which discredits real monster hunters and scientists who try to be honest and clear with their information on the sneaky creature.


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