My Strange Encounter With Fedora Man

Posted on 10/15/2012
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Everyone has a creepy story to tell. This one, mine, happened couple of years ago, in 2009. I still can't quite explain what happened to me that night, but I am pretty sure that was not a dream. It was December, the Christmas has passed. I think it was two or three days after the Christmas.

Everybody is excited at that time of the year and most of the people are not working and celebrating and waiting for the New Year to come. I was very excited, because I just had a new boyfriend and everything was peachy. I was at my friends house, we had hot chocolate and talked about my new relationship and hers love life, as we always to. Somehow men are our main topic ever since we started noticing boys.

Anyhow, everything was just great and outside was snowing as crazy, but it wasn't windy, it was just perfect. So I decided to walk from her house to mine. We don't live to far away from each other, but still it is about 20-25minutes walk to my house. While I was walking and snow was crunching under my feet, some man approached me from the back. I was expecting him to pass me over, but that didn't happen. He started walking foot by foot with me. I don't have to tell you that I got scared ass hell, and started walking faster. I didn't want to make an eye contact with him so I took from time to time glances of this, as it looked to me, man silhouette. The tension got very strong. We walked like that for I don't know how long, it looked like forever to me, and than this man spoke in quite a normal voice and asked me where the train station is.

At that moment I was able to look back at the person talking to me. There was something very strange with him, but I don't know to explain it. Just a feeling that something here is not normal. It was a man in his forties or maybe fifties, it was hard to tell since it was dark and he had fedora on his head and a good tailored coat.

I got very surprised with his question since he was heading the opposite direction from the train station. I explained to him that he will never get to the train station if he walks with me and that he should go the other way. He was very pleasant, but that didn't make me feel less scared. What surprised most, was the fact that he is still walking with me even though I have pointed him the right direction. He started talking about the weather, and what was left for me to do, but to talk with him and be nice.

He asked me where I am going, where have I been, about the plans for New Years eve, all the normal question, but still something wasn't right. Why is this person following me and why isn't he heading to the train station if he already asked for it? After he got answers to the questions I gave he simply miraculously smiled, and said: "Well, this is to where I'm going. Have a happy New Year!"

I was shocked, this was something what I was less expecting. Even though I wished him to go away, this was one strange situation. I just smiled, too ans wished him a happy New Year, too. He said: "Oh, thank you! It's gonna be a good year, I know it!". I stood and watch after this odd man, how he is disappearing in the dark, and I swear to you, for a moment I thought I saw a tail. After this I hurried home.

When I got home, to my big surprise, I found out that I got home in 15minutes! It looked like time stopped for a while. All of this looked like it lasted forever. I have called my friend immediately. We tried to rationalize everything what happened. But to tell you the truth, I still don't know what happened out there. If someone had the same or similar experience I would like to know and compare it.

Needless to say, this never again happened to me. But from time to time I remember this awkward encounter, but I don't wanna think about his to much, but it would be nice if someone with the similar story is out there, just to know that I was not totally insane that night.

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