Once Upon a Time in Eastern Europe Dragons Flew

Posted on 12/06/2015
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Dragons are known as fire-breathing creatures who destroyed crops and kidnapped pretty women, but in some parts of the world, Dragons are considered as great protectors and were highly respected. This is a story of "good" Dragons and Dragon children.


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In some parts of Eastern Europe, there is a belief that the Dragons are not scary fire breading beasts, Dragons are considered protectors of the land and people, they kept crops from drought and other natural disasters. Dragon was seen as flying fire force, spiritual being sympathetic towards people.

There is an old story about dragon children, born from love affair between the dragon and a woman. Dragons had taste for beautiful girls, as they had great power, they were considered great lovers and seducers.  When dragon sees a girl that he likes, he could not overcome his lust, so at night he would come down the chimney (Santa like) taking human form.

Girls where easily seduced by Dragon, and soon they would lose all interest in humans, they would become pale and exhausted because of dragons great strength both magical and sexual. However, there were girls so beautiful that they made dragon forgot about his duty, to protect crops and land, in time of great drought, or flood people knew that dragon is carried away with some girl. To wake him up from this obsession, villagers were making noise banging with iron pots… Dragon affairs were not considered sinful or bad in any way, what girl could reject a dragon, looking like a beautiful man made of light and magic.

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Girls were often left pregnant after having affair with dragon, children born from these relationships looked like ordinary humans, but they had extraordinary strength and wisdom. There were few marks that could reveal the secret of their birth, but they were well hidden, so the enemies could not harm them while they are kids. All dragon-children were boys, those boys grew up to be great heroes and protectors of their land. As dragons were essence and spirit of the land, dragon-children also had strong bond with land, nature and people. They protected land from all enemies, both physical and spiritual.

It was gloomy November afternoon, walking by the Danube was not pleasant as usual, cold wind chilling every inch of my skin… But I was walking, I went out to smoke a cigarette, but I forgot the lighter. Looking around for someone I could ask lighter from I saw an old fisherman, sitting on a boat. Hello-I said, and asked for a lighter, but I got more light that I asked for, he turned to me and asked, do I know that dragons have children with mortals?

That was one question that you could hardly be prepared for, I thought that poor old thing had one too many… Nowadays, he said, people believe in nothing, that is why we are all sick and unhappy, once we had dragons to protect us, do you want to hear a story about a son of a dragon? I had nothing better to do, so I listened…

It was long ago, but not so far away from here, he said, Mara was looking for a lost lamb whole morning, the lamb should be gift to her fiancé that she had to meet that day. She was young and beautiful as the nature she grew up in… by the little creek she took a little rest, looking for a shadow to hide from noon sun. Dream took her by surprise, she had never seen or felt such power before, and those eyes like fire caught in ice… Mara woke up feeling exhausted, looking pale, but she must been sleeping a long time as sun was setting when she opened her eyes. She hurried home, but felt like some part of her was lost that day. Next morning she had almost the same dream, and every night again… Everything was broken, she was with child, and without everything else. Dragon children were not considered as bad thing, but no man would take her and share her with the dragon… 

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Beautiful baby boy was born on spring equinox, with little wing shape birthmarks under his armpits. He grew up like his mother, in nature, loving every part of his land, stronger than other children, wiser than most people he had met. One night fire place started sizzling sparkles came out, and with them thru the chimney came a man like creature, icy eyes, with fire inside gaze over child and mother, than she knew that she is losing both of them. Brokenhearted, alone with nothing to live for Mara left her home and no one ever heard about her, but her son, he was yet to be heard. He protected his people, land and tradition he was the Dragon, the Sun, until the day he died he kept his land from all harm, but that is a story for another day, sad old man.

I got myself some cigarette burns while listening that story, but  more than everything I felt burning from the depth of those sad old eyes, like fire that burns cold…

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