Paranormal News for the Week of July 12-18

Posted on 07/19/2010
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It has been a hell of a week for paranormal news with multiple UFO sightings in China and a UFO sighting in the San Joaquin Valley area of California all getting international attention due to major media coverage. Let’s jump right in as Paranormal Haze will fill you in with all the paranormal news you may have missed this week and at the end of last week.

Holly Madison the Ghost Hunter


For those interested, The E! Channel is chronicling the adventures of fake-breasted Holly Madison as she ventures from Las Angeles to Las Vegas hitting all the fun stuff in between the two cities. Last week’s episode saw Holly, fellow playboy girl Bridget Marquardt, and her brotastic boyfriend take on a ghost in a Death Valley area hotel. The trio used ghost-hunting techniques similar to that made famous by the television show Ghost Hunters to try and catch a glimpse of the afterlife.

Half-nude chicks hunting ghosts, eh? I think I just found the new premise for the next big paranormal reality show hit!

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