Pazuzu - Good or Bad?

Posted on 06/05/2019
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Pazuzu is the 34th spirit. He is a great and powerful Duke and takes the form of a beautiful and handsome goat with the wings of a bat. He is also the only Mesopotamian demon who made it in Hollywood.


  Everyone has seen the movie Exorcist and you all know Pazuzu, the demonic force who is responsible for taking twelve years old Regan McNeal through the Ouija board. Capturing her soul and tormenting it through demonic possession.  But who is Pazuzu and what are his origins?

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  Pazuzu is a fearsome demon who is known from Sumerian mythology. An interesting thing about him is his duality. Pazuzu is a fearsome demon, but he is also seen as a protector against certain evils, he is especially known as a protector of pregnant women. 
  In Babylonian mythology, he has always existed as a demon. In their culture, a demon was an evil entity, though that didn’t mean all of their acts would be evil in nature. Because of this, it was possible for Pazuzu to exist as a protector spirit as well.
  Christianity introduces Sumerian myths in its storyline, too. Since the Christian religion has and acknowledges only one god, non-other can be a protector, and all of the other spirits were necessary to be displayed as pure evil. All others are there to corrupt those who serve God. Pazuzu is presented as the one trying to overthrow God, but with no success, so he was thrown out of Heaven as many other fallen angels. This is how Pazuzu was transformed from spirit, angel or however you want to call it into a demon. 
  Although modern-day perspectives of Pazuzu may be limited through the Christian interpretation of this Sumerian demon, Pazuzu was actually seen as a very powerful and respectable demon of his time. He was the son of Hanbi – a god of evil who ruled over all evil spirits. He was also brother to Humbaba – a demon spirit who was known to guard the Cedar Forest where the gods lived.
  Pazuzu himself was also known to have an impressive history and list of abilities. As a primordial being called an obyrith he was believed to be the ruler over the first layer of Abyss, which carried his name - Pazunia. There is even a story that Pazuzu himself is the creator of the Abyss through manipulation of the god Tharizdun.

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  An obyrith is considered to be a demon with origins so ancient that they predate the existence of the gods. Pazuzu is one of the few obyriths that is considered to have a humanoid shape. Many of the obyriths are considered to have a shape that isn’t able to be comprehended by mortal man. In fact, it is thought that gazing upon the image of an obyrith could drive a mortal insane.

  While it is thought that there were originally many obyriths, only twelve survive in the modern world. The rest were victims of the destruction of their reality and the wars that occurred as a result of the Abyss.

  Pazuzu is one powerful demon and his powers are numerous. He was said to have control over the west and southwest winds, which were thought to come from the land of the dead. As the controller of these winds, he also had the power to bring pestilence and famine over any land that he wished. He was also known to breathe swarms of locusts and could create poisonous clouds of acidic waste with his breath at will. He was also known to have a low-light vision as well as blindsight (the ability to perceive surroundings without visual sight). He spoke many languages and was also thought to have some form of telepathic abilities. Pazuzu is also known to have a magical greatsword that granted him impressive agility and speed.

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  It is also important to note that Pazuzu was a member of the Anunnaki. Anunnaki are the gods who came from the sky and settled on Earth. He was known to be part of the Sebettu – followers of the war god Nergal who used their powers to spread destructive forces like famine and disease after an area had been brutalized by the forces of war.

  Pazuzu is a highly intelligent demon who is always scheming to cause chaos and corruption among the pure of heart.
  Although it is said that Pazuzu will corrupt any soul that makes itself vulnerable, his utmost joy comes from corrupting the purest of the pure – as was the case when he corrupted Asmodeus.

  Pazuzu is often confused as having benevolent tendencies if approached with respect, though this is likely because he enjoys luring an innocent soul into corruption by making them dependent on his favors. He is known to use this tactic to corrupt entire communities through one individual.

  If Pazuzu is capable of any truly benevolent actions, it is only to thwart the efforts of the demon Lamashtu. It is thought that this is because of his deep anger towards Lamashtu for her betrayal of his trust.

  According to ancient sources, Pazuzu was a chief protector of pregnant women and babies. During her pregnancy woman would wear a Pazuzu amulet around her neck for protection against evil. He was also called upon to heal the sick. 

  What do you think is Pazuzu the one who needs to be exorcised or is he the exorcist? 

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