Strange Ways to Get High

Posted on 06/22/2012
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Since the dawn of time people was getting high on various different ways. Hot the time pass, some "high" standards has been made. People found out which plant can get you high and how to create derivatives from them. Later on with the chemistry development, synthetic drugs was introduce to humanity. Right now society has a big problem with so much variety of drugs on the street. Police do very good job in suppressing drug traffic, but there will always be more to suppress. Since the law is not on the drug's side, drug users trying to develop or to find new drugs that can still be legal. Some of the weirdest "new" ways of getting high have been noticed around the world. Here you will be introduce to some of the weirdest ways of getting high from around the world. However, drugs are still very bad, and please pay attention to the mortality rate of thous weird drug users.

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