Surgat the One Who Opens All Locks

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The most interesting Grimoire is probably The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, disputably written by Pope Honorius III himself. Allegedly Pope Honorius...


  The most interesting Grimoire is probably The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, disputably written by Pope Honorius III himself. Allegedly Pope Honorius discussed the value of occult knowledge in the Church, and how by summoning or raising demonic entities, one could learn to control them. The supposed author uses his faith in God and mixes with it the teachings of King Solomon; it contains invocations of demonic entities for every day of the week. He talked about the priest need to fast for a certain amount of time and the sacrifice of animals in order to help with the binding of evil spirits."  All this would be in contrast, however, with the pope's insistence on bishops knowing Catholic theology and as being contrary to the Catholic teaching on witchcraft or sorcery as also seen in both the Old and New Testaments and early Church councils.

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  Surgat is a lesser demon in the Inferno, however, his deceptive and cunning mind makes him one of the most frightening and dangerous as well. Known as the "One Who Opens All Locks" this title reflects his nature and purpose, being able to understand and open any lock in the world, making it almost impossible to escape from him as well as conceal oneself from him.

  It is speculated that Surgat was once summoned to the material plane by an unknown person in hopes that he gives him the knowledge to construct mechanisms that would benefit mankind. This mechanism, in question, is the lock for a door. This summoning marked his first appearance which is believed to have been located in Nineveh, the capital of ancient Assyria.

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  He obliged, but at a price: to forever haunt those who would have locks in the darkest of homes and abodes, since the darkness is a realm he is most fond of.

  When someone becomes Surgat's target, he relentlessly pursues them no matter how much they put effort into escaping. Once he reaches his victim, he frightens them by presenting them with images that would make them go mad.

  Surgat is a gatekeeper and Witch God of the Black Moon who presides over numerous Qliphothic and Sephirothic gateways alike, holding dominion over the most abstruse Qliphothic pathways which will only open to those who have received great approval from Chavajoth. He presides over the dissolution of the ego and the mysteries of the Qliphoth. He can expose you to every part of yourself. Mark Allan Smith describes Surgat as ruling “nightside rites of power” and “interdimensional work to other realms through portals and gateways”. Jake Stratton-Kent provides a speculative etymology in The True Grimoire: “Latin surgo, rise, get up, stand up, arise, spring up, grow.”

  Surgat can create portals, gateways, nexions, and ripples in the Chaosmos (the primordial precursor to and opposite of the Cosmos). He can teach the magician to shapeshift her astral double into a lion, a ghoul, a snake, a bear, and a two-legged four-winged dragon (no, I didn’t get that backward). He can also teach the magician to shapeshift her astral double into something which resembles an anthropoid formed of total darkness– a form primarily composed of the Death Essence and having Daathic energy and the Black Light of the Qliphoth as significant portions of its energetic make-up. 

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   Surgat can give instruction or aid in the act of astral projection from dreams. He can strengthen the personality traits conducive to mindfulness, leadership, foresight, decision-making, and organization skills, or give auspices and/or ‘spiritual guidance’ in scenarios or tasks requiring these things. He can give instruction and auspices for homicide and burglary and attune one to her True Will.

  Surgatha presides over the Evil Eye, and his auspices are useful for healing. The divinatory mechanisms which he specializes in are runes, pyromancy, Ouija boards (which he can enchant/consecrate), and hydromancy.

  Surgat is primarily attributed to the Mercurial Qlipha and secondarily attributed to the Venusian Qlipha. His primary planetary attribution is to the Black Moon, but he is not attributed to the Qlipha of the Black Moon. Planetary attributions and Qliphothic attributions are not the same things. I think the relationship between the planet Venus and the Venusian Qlipha is the same as the relationship that tornados and wind have with the alchemical element of air, whatever that relationship may be. Think about how Surgat, a spirit whose only elemental attribution is air, can specialize in hydromancy and pyromancy.

  Surgat can make the witch a better liar and improve her seduction skills. He can also teach the witch to use deception to seduce. He has powers pertaining to love, concealment, and sex. 

   Mark Allan Smith noted the demon to be a prolific shapeshifter, describing one manifestation as a shadowed, angelique male, and another aspect as a huge theomorphic “being” with the head of either bison or ram. According to Mark Allan Smith, Surgat may simultaneously manifest as both the dark angelic spirit and beast-headed god by way of bilocation in certain workings.

  The auspices of Surgat are useful in rituals to Jotunheim, and he can give assistance and instruction in operations of the magick of Thursatru. That is, he specializes in Thursic magick. You know, Frost Giant shit. Nonetheless, he does not have any form of hierarchy-style authority in Jotunheim.

   There are a lot of advanced practitioners who stumble across gateways or “nexions” opened by those witches who adhere to the Order of the Nine Angles when they’re traveling the astral planes, laugh to themselves, close the Nexion, and go on their way. It’s a little like discovering a dying bird while going on a walk– you just step on the thing and carry on about your day. 

  Surgat is knowledgeable regarding Hoodoo, Voudon, Santeria, and Quimbanda. He can strengthen the natural psychic defenses of the magician and he can teach her mathematics and astronomy. He can help a person acquire friends or cause somebody to lose them, and he can also influence legal matters. Warding, shielding, and egregores are a few other magickal specialties of his. He is very knowledgeable regarding stars, planets, and your true self.*

  Mountains, crossroads, and forests are all especially apt locations for working to Surgatha– graveyards are great for him too, but of course, graveyards all good for all demons. Surgat can open internal pathways within the soul and impart or strengthen the faculties required to interpret one’s dreams. He presides over the Black Kundalini, subpersonal chakras, and what I’ve been calling the shadow side chakras– the seven which descend from the pelvis through the feet.

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  The Grimoiric tradition basically simplified Surgat’s role to locks. He can open anything which was locked or shut. He could teach you how to open locks. He can open every lock. The Grimorium Verum lists Surgat as one of the 18 demons under Duke Syrach (Claunech is the only other demon from this list that I’ve written an article about). The number 18 is extremely significant in demon magick and Qliphothic sorcery.

  While the tradition of Primal Craft relates that Surgatha is an emissary of the Trident,** Grimoiric tradition places him under the infernal duke Syrach. There’s a very obscure tradition that lists the cardinal demons of various planets wherein Surgat is held to be the cardinal demon of the Sun. This is false– he is not solar in nature, let alone the cardinal demon of the Sun. However, he can help the magician self-initiate through Tiphereth/Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun], so it’s an understandable mistake.


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