The 5 Most Mysterious Places in the World

Posted on 09/03/2010
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When archeologists uncover a newly discovered city or artifact they look at other tangible evidence near the site to uncover what the artifact was used for or what life was like in the ancient city. They will look at records, cave paintings, or art to determine a way of life or they will do a sort of reverse engineering on the artifact to see what it was used for. This unfortunately is not always an option. There are some things left over from the ancient world and no evidence exists to suggest what the purpose of these artifacts were. This leaves the door wide open for multiple theories which often include human sacrifice, long lost religious ceremonies, or even visitors from outer space. Here are 5 such places. These are five of the most mysterious places in the world.

1. Nazca Lines


The Nazca Lines are sort of like ancient crop circles that are located in the middle of the Nazca Desert in Peru. The lines are believed to have been created between 400 and 650 AD and depict hundreds of different figures including sharks, monkeys, spiders, lizards, llamas, and much more. Scholars have theorized that the lines were used for rituals, spiritual monuments, or to map astrological locations. These three leading theories all have some evidence to support them, but not enough to be conclusive. Others say that these theories ignore one important element of the Nazca Lines. How did the ancient Nazca people create these massive works of art without the ability of flight to see what they were creating?


Some have suggested that we have underestimated ancient man and that the ancient people of the Nazca Desert had the ability to fly. Jim Woodmann was able to create a hot air balloon using only the technology that was available to the Nazcas. He believes that this is how the Nazcas constructed such wonders. Others have suggested that the lines were runways for advanced craft either from a long lost advanced civilization or from an alien culture. Visually some of the lines do resemble modern day runways and the others could just be murals created in respect to this advanced alien or Earthly civilization with the ability to fly. Proponents of the alien culture theory also point to one Nazca drawing in particular that they say depicts an ancient astronaut (as seen above).

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