The CIA Secret Experiments

Posted on 11/09/2017
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Scary things which were done to the people of USA by their own government. These are the stories we know about, and there are many more which are unknown and surely more which are performed today.


August 16 1951, madness spreads in Pont Saint Esprit, France. More than 200 people became victims of some madness. The press describes a man terrorized by snakes in his stomach, it looked like a night of apocalypse. Reports from the victims are terrifying. All of the people who fell ill ate the bread from one bakery. It is the first time in France that the whole village has gone mad. The medics first thought that it is an  illness that attacked people in Middle ages - Saint Antony's fire- caused by a parasitic aerofungus that attacks cereals. The baker was accused for poisoning, arrested and locked away. Poor bakers were relisted after several months after the evidence proved their innocence.

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After that it was thought that it is water poisoning, than the gas factory, but all the  theories were wrong. For decades no one knew what has happened there, but one theory came 60 years after the incident. Not form France but from the USA. American researcher in the secret services Hank Alabreli was investigating a suspicious death of a CIA agent Frank Olson. A specialist in chemical weapons, who did research on hard drugs like LSD. He was also in France few months before the incident happened.

Could have been CIA spreading LSD on the bread in France? After the WWII and the Nuremberg trials, the American secret service starts an operation called Paperclip. Nearly 1500 German scientists including the war criminals are expatriated to America. They are offered new life in exchange to their knowledge and collaboration.

Assisted by the German scientists the Americans began pushing their goal for ultimate weapon, and everything is allowed in the name of the cold war. On the one side we have the US Army whose priority was to win the nuclear war race. At the time to test the effect of radiation on a large scale they used their own soldiers. Between 1946-1962 soldier were exposed to radiation in Bikini Atoll or in Nevada desert. They were exposed with no protection unaware of the risks involved. The radiated particles were cleaned with brooms.

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CIA had another task, psychological manipulation.   Their goal was to discover a truth serum, erase memories, turn humans into robots and program them to kill. In 1948 a researcher Albert Hoffman discovers LSD. It was believed that the hallucinogenic effect of this drug is the key to the psychological manipulations. The discovery of the LSD was a godsend to the army who was looking for a weapon which will defeat the enemy without firing any weapons.

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In 1950 the Korean war gave CIA an opportunity. Some American soldier were captured where they admitted dropping chemical weapons which was forbidden. This gave CIA opportunity to get more money for operation of brainwashing.

In the September of 1950, off the coast of San Francisco, the marines were performing their military maneuvers. a ship approached the coast and bombarded the city with bacteria nakasumia, where at least 11 people were hospitalized. These are the proven facts.

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How did the drug so loved by Hippies have such a devastating effect on French people? Taking the drug unknowingly can be quite scary. The experiments were kept on in USA and reached the level never seen in any country. In 1953 radioactive iodine was injected in newborns and pregnant women in Iowa, and also in Nebraska. In 1955, the CIA sprayed the whooping cough bacteria off the coast of Tampa. Also in 1955, CIA enlisted prostitutes in San Francisco, opened two brothels and tested drugs on clients. The sex was then filmed through a one way mirror. In 1956, the army relished millions of mosquitos carrying yellow fever and denga on the towns of Savannah and Avon. In 1960 in Cincinnati financed a radiation program on ill inhabitants of University hospital. In 1966, the army tested a virus in New York and Chicago. For these experiments CIA founded prestige University laboratories. They all took part.

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Drugs, viruses, radiation, plutonium the most toxic products were tested on the people of America by their government, mostly on people who were in prison or in hospitals. Children at the age of 15-18 were also targeted for the MK - Ultra program. The documents show that all kind of the experiments were performed, from electric shocks to chips which changed persons behavior.

In 1973. the director of CIA works as a lone wolf and hasn't informed the president of these experiments. He feels that the time has changed after the Watergate. He knows he has crossed the line and he orders destruction of all files considering the MK Ultra program. In 1975, president Ford orders inquiries of the CIA, the task isn't simple because even the closest friends to the CIA director know nothing about the brainwashing program.

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The experiments were a total disaster, the CIA failed. On August 3rd 1995, with the revelations mounting up, then president Bill Clinton made a public apology. He admitted most of the experiments took place on the ground of USA, and on the people of America.  Is an a public apology good enough and how many experiments are performed today that we know nothing about, and how sinister they are today?


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