The Weirdest Moments in Bible

Posted on 06/20/2012
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To face the fact, the Bible has a lot of moments where you will stop and ask if this was really necessary. If this is truly a work of God, one question should be made. Is God a good guy or just someone seeking for attention and love? It is like God is one really desperate for attention and love guy, with lots of issues. Show me that you love, and never it is good enough, show me more. Kill your children in order to prove your love, whatever you do-do it for me. I will show you my love or maybe not. God looks like that kind of guy in Bible. One vengeful and not always rightful man, or better to say God. You should always be in fear of him. There are lot of logicality, but after didn't Tertullian said: " I believe because it is absurd"? Believe against all reason, to believe things that rational thought tells us are just unreasonable, and to thereby have faith in God. Believe it or not, but here are some of the stories which moral of the story is not easy to read. One of the most bizarre story in the Bible is for sure the one about Jacob and the case of the magical genetics (Genesis 30:37-39).

1. Jacob beats genetics

Basically, the story goes like this: Laban is taking all of Jacob’s beloved striped and spotted cattle. Jacob is left with boring old, plain-coloured cattle, which he doesn’t seem to like at all. So Jacob concocts a cunning plan: he gets some sticks and begins painting stripes on them. He then plants them next to his cattle. What Jacob thinks is that if he gets his cattle to look at the striped sticks while copulating, then they will give birth to striped young. Now, we’d all expect this idiotic plan to fail and Jacob to learn a lesson about something or other, but no it actually works. The cattle give birth to striped young, and Jacob is happy. Now, what is this all about? What is the moral of the story and why is this told?

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