Things That Ghosts Spend Their Time Doing (As Taught by Hollywood)

Posted on 08/19/2010
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Recently I examined how Hollywood can help us survive an alien invasion (here). This got me thinking that Hollywood could perhaps help us in other paranormal fields as well. So I began a case study looking at what the entertainment industry could teach us about the elusive behavior of ghosts. My results were surprising to say the least. Here are the things that ghost spend their time doing as taught by Hollywood.

Not Knowing They Are Dead


“Yippee-ki-wait, what? I’m an F’n ghost?”

I suppose when you die it is inevitable that some of your brain also goes, as ghosts always seem to forget dying and becoming ghosts. You would think that this would be one of those important life moments seeing as it only happens once, but apparently dying is not any big deal at all. It is forgivable I suppose when Bruce Willis forgets he is a ghost, I mean that guy has been shot like 800 times.

Nicole Kidman has no excuse for forgetting she is a ghost like she did in (spoiler alert!) The Others. I wonder if her career knows its dead…


…Wow she looks angry. I take back my zinger.

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