Top Ten Cryptids

Posted on 09/04/2010
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Cryptozoology literally means the “study of hidden animals.” It is a new branch of science that searches out creatures which are thought to be nonexistent by popular biology, legendary, or considered to be extinct. Many skeptics exist on this topic; however, since the discovery of the coelacanth, a fish long thought to be extinct, in the early twentieth century made the idea of undiscovered animals hiding in our modern world a very popular thought. The animals which they study and for which they search were labeled as “cryptids” in 1983. Here are the top ten cryptids that cryptozoologists are currently investigating. If you have any evidence of these creatures, get it to your local cryptozoologist immediately!

10. Giant Vampire Bat


Vampire bats do exist, but they are not humanoid vampires trying to get away from vampire hunters. They are merely bats who have a diet based primarily on blood. These particular bats are only found in Central and South America though, and they are quite tiny since blood isn't that nourishing of a diet. A larger cousin of these bats is named the giant vampire bat and is thought to be extinct. However, many cattlemen residing in southeastern Brazil claim to have seen very large blood-drinking bats that fit the description of this seemingly extinct animal. Since bats are some of the most difficult animals in the world to find, many scientists have hope for finding several new species. The giant vampire bat could certainly be one of them, giving credit to the legend of this nighttime monster.

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