Top Ten Demons

Posted on 06/27/2010
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Throughout history and geography, humans have believed in the presence of evil beings that roamed the earth. These malevolent spirits are seen in mythology, legends, occultism, and religion. The spread of Christianity throughout the world deepened the belief and expanse of demons, but many cultures have their own form of evil supernatural creatures that are considered even worse than the countless demons of Abrahamic traditions—meaning Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Looking into all the demons that invade the human realm though, some stand out as scarier or more evil than others. Here are the top ten malevolent spirits from different religions and various cultures around the world that humans need to keep away from if they want to avoid the terror these demons wreak upon humanity.

01. Djinn


In the Western World, djinn are known more commonly as genies. They are supernatural creatures that live on a parallel plane that is similar to that of humans. According to the Qur'an, djinn have free will just like mankind—meaning they can be good or evil. However, when the djinn choose the path of evil and destruction, they are certainly fearsome to behold. Their physical bodies are composed of a smokeless flame. Iblis was a djinn who was basically the Islamic equivalent of Lucifer. After the heavenly rebellion which he led, Iblis was granted a pardon to live on Earth and lead mankind astray until Judgment Day.

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