Witches Trials Today and Vlach Magic

Posted on 02/16/2012
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The Vlachs of Serbia are an ethnic minority of Serbia, culturally and linguistically related to Romanians. Magic is an important part of Vlach life and customs and everything Vlachs believe in has, in a way, magical traits. Vlach magic, by its strength, is next to Voodoo. Relations between humans, saints and devil in present Vlach magic are remains of pagan mythology dominated by dualistic principle – no creation without clash of opposites. Rites, recipes for making potions and charms, are the ancient magic which has origins from pagan times, and Timok Krajina and Eastern Serbia sorcerers are using them. In Eastern Serbia the Vlach magic is widespread and it is being practiced over millennium and it is deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of Vlachs. There is hardly a village on mountains Homolje, Miroča and Rtanj without the so-called witches. They are not hard to find, because almost everyone knows them.

In their rituals Vlach sorceresses usually use the "ghastly water". This is the water used for bathing a dead body. If this creeps you out, I am sure you will be shock to hear what's the usage. Usually they prepare coffee with it or it is put in some drink. The only way the magic works is if someone drinks this water.

Children are not being speared in the rituals, because for the spell is often used child's hair or nails. Illegitimate children are treated like some kind of demigods, while in other cultures they are being anathematized and pejoratively labeled as "bastards". Strong talisman is made from illegitimate child's hair or nails. The name of the child should be invoked when a man finds himself in big trouble.

Vlach women are known to be using water, where the blind cats were bathed. The one who drinks this water becomes "blind". This is especially used by women which would like to be unfaithful. They "blind" their men, and after that they can "full around". To be able to do what they want and have anyone they want, they throw red panties in the toilet (don't know how this doesn't get stuck in the toilet, maybe they have some special toilets there) or below the bathtub and- the road is opened for them to do what they want. The poor husband has no clue what is going on, he believes his wife is chaste and faithful.

The sacrifice of animals takes a significant place in secret rituals. The most common animals for scarification are: pigs, rabbits, poultry and mice. As soon as they are being brought forth, the animal is put into oil and thus is kept for 40 days. They say that only a drop of this oil, after these 40 days can cure men from drinking. No one, of course, is not willingly drinking this oil. It is being put in the drunks drink secretly. The strongest protection against the evil forces sent by Vlach witches is shoulder blade of a black cat. On the empty meadow (best if it is surrounded with forest) black cat should be in the middle of the night soaked in the water and her shoulder blade is the best weapon. In addition, what also showed good for protection is metal, red matches, garlic and tar. Some of these items must be found in every men's pocket, who decides to wonder around in this part of the world. Also, nothing should be given to strangers around Christmas. If you follow this, nothing can happen to you. You are safe. As an addition for this story, just to confirm how the belief in witchcraft is strong in this part of the world, you will be witness of a witch trial which happened in 1998. If you believed that witch hunting and trials are over, well you were wrong! It is said that on August 12, 1998 with unbound hair, and naked, in the evenings at a nearby of river Brestovica a 70 year old woman was calling upon devils! The very next morning she was pronounced a witch! The old lady's name was Ljubinka Surdulovic. Grandma Ljubinka at first run the gantlet, but when it became unbearable she sued the ones she considered responsible for her suffering. Behind the scenes of Vlach black magic, there was a story of a lonely old lady. It turned out that this poor woman was living alone. What she was doing on the river, was performing a ritual which she has learned from her ancestors. She believed that this will prevent possible harm to her loved ones. With incantations: " As the water passes through a sieve, let the curse go with the water..." then she let down the water ritual bread with lighted candles. All of this saw her neighbor and the rumors started to spread so the poor woman was left with no one by her side. At the end she got to the court. The court declare her innocence. Ljubinka is not a witch, the judge said, she still keeps the memory of ancient rituals. In this case it is a religious ritual that originated even before the Christianity appeared. It looks like the one found on Hittite tablets, this dates to 10th century BC".

This people seem to be keeping very lively the memory of ancient rites, way of living, costumes and tradition. Their connection with the nature is amazing. They are one with it. All of this sounds like one unreal story. Witches are there, dragons and many other strange creatures. The nature here is also like the one from the fairytale. Complicated rituals which require specific environment, involvement of many spirits, deities of nature, sometimes the energy of the sun, moon and stars, must despite the help of wizards, witches or however you want to call them be performed on that place. Come and be one with the nature, maybe you'll find what you need here.

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