5 Year Old Girl Found Living With Cows

Posted on 08/03/2012
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Disturbing story has appeared on Russian site Uraalinforum.ru. A five-year-old girl has been found living with cows in rural Russia. This girl is said to be unable to speak and the only way of communication with her is by mooing. She seems unable to understand the talking of people, and she is very frightened.

The unfortunate girl got rescued by Russian police after a neighbor in the Solikamsk district in the Ural Mountains reported that a small girl seems to be living with cows.

The child seems not to have name and she does not know how to eat properly. The only way of eating known to her is by drinking milk from a saucepan, is what police officials have said.

The neighbor who reported this, also commented that he believes that this girl parents are alcoholics and that he was frightened for the little girls life. He also said this is the firs time he has seen her, and immediately called up for police.

When the police came to check in what the neighbor reported about, you can imagine the shock they were in. It proved his story to be right. When they came, they found this girl wearing close to nothing and living with the livestock on the farm. What kept her alive and safe from freezing were the animals.

The girl's mother and stepfather, both farmers, did not take her to kindergarten and forced her to stay with the farm animals to keep her off their hands. They were not worried about the little girls life, and they were pretty buzzed when the police came to their home.

Little girl has been taken from these people and put into a foster care. It is not needed to say that this girl will have traumas and the only good thing is she has been founded before it could be to late. We pray for this poor child recovery.

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