72 Demons Evoked by King Solomon (Part II)

Posted on 07/25/2012
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Lets see all of the demons evoked by King Solomon. First 36 don't look friendly at all. Just the thought of evoking at least one of them scares the shit out of me. And the very thought you can control either of them, makes no sense in my world. But, apparently the one who evokes them all and manages to controls them, rules them will be the one who rules the world. It may sound tempting, but still it is doesn't sound safe at all. See if these 36 demons look like a walk through the park.


He is the great Marquise. He appears in the shape of a bird, just as his name says, and sings wonderful songs with a voice of a child. When he takes the shape of a human, he speaks miraculously about the wonders of the science, and he can appear as great poet and amazingly obeys to the orders. He dreams about the return of the Seventh Throne in 1200 years.


He is the great Count, and appears as a dove, speaking in hoarse voice. He burns cities and visits the evil ones with a sword. He takes people to war and other places.


He is the powerful president, and firstly he shows as a crow, and than he takes the shpe of a man speaking in hoarse voice. He brings innovations and progress. He destroys wishes and thoughts of an enemy, brings good spirits in the house.

40. RAUM

He is the great Count. he appears as crow, but he can take the shape of a man if ordered so. He steals treasure even from the kings house and takes it wherever the order is given. He destroys cities and positions, he determinants what past, present or the future will be. He brings peace between friends and enemies. He comes from the Order of Thrown.


He is the strong Duke. He comes as a man with the wings of a Griffon. He drowns people, sinks ships and has the power over the wind and sea, but he will not hurt anyone, unless the one who evoked him gives the order to. He dreams of the return on the Seventh Throne in 1050 years.


He is the powerful Marquise. He appears as an armed solider with head of a lion, riding on a white horse. He builds fortress, towns and camps and protects them. He tortures people with wounds. One page article
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