Striges and Her Vampire Carnival

Posted on 05/20/2010
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It was a dark and unusually foggy night when the massacre occurred. The weather was cold, too cold for summertime. But, that’s how they wanted it. That’s how they brought it with them. I’m speaking of the night the vampires came and took over our small town of San Pedro. Before I go any further, I think I should go back to the days leading up to that horrible night for you.

It was a just another July summer. The church and community was preparing for its annual fiesta. The young girls were working around town to gather their votes for the title of Fiesta Queen. Everyone was preparing with the restaurants and vendors to make this year’s fiesta another success. This year we decided to go with a new amusement and rides company we had found online. Their prices were great and they offered so much more in way of thrill rides, shows and the staff would dress in professionally in uniform. We were all very excited.

The owner of the carnival company was named Striges. We met her three days before the carnival was to begin. The party planning committee which consisted of eleven of us sat in the church office working out the last of the details when she walked in. Everyone fell silent. She was tall with deep black hair that complimented her golden eyes and milky white skin. Thinking back she didn’t so much walk as she glided. We all felt an unnatural attraction to her that was strong and wanting; we began to bicker amongst ourselves, fighting for her attention.

She sat amused by our childish behavior, all with our instant crush on the goddess before us. She spoke her terms which were simple. She did not care for paperwork and suggested we pay after the carnival and only if we were satisfied with her services. When she was finished, she left us speechless as she glided out of the room.

Once she was out of the room, we ran to the window to see her step into a black limousine. The door held open by yet another seductively beautiful woman. As the other woman closed the car door for Striges, she stopped and looked at me as I gaped at her through the window. She stared at me. My body froze with a fear I could not explain. Suddenly a grin crept across her face as she turned, entered her car and drove away.


Evening came and I lie in bed thinking of the loose ends to be taken care of for the Fiesta. I thought of her. As I began to drift away to sleep I was startled by the sound of a screech owl. It was funny to me since we had not had any around for some time now. I guess they had come back. I lay back and allowed myself to drift into sleep. Later that night a cool breeze crept in from the open window and stirred me out of my sleep. As I lay there in a state of half sleep I saw her. Striges stood at the foot of my bed. I wanted to move but my mind or body would not allow it. She stared at me grinning. It seemed that she had a secret that she was going to share with me eventually. She opened her mouth and the screech that I had heard before came from her mouth. The sound of it hurt my ears. I jolted forward in bed but she was gone. I looked around for her, half relieved and half disappointed to see that it was only a dream.

The next day the town seemed to be moving about with a sluggish sense about them. Everyone seemed to be in a hypnotic, mechanical state. No longer were the Fiesta Queen candidates their normal bubbly selves. Friends, neighbors, my committee, everyone looked tired and a bit pale. Some said that they had strange nightmares while others complained of flu like symptoms. We all agreed that we had only one more day to go before Fiesta and we could get through it.

As I made my way about town, running errands and going to meetings I would see her. She was everywhere and nowhere. I felt as though I was being taunted by her image. I felt her watch me. I felt myself wanting to see her. Last errand of the day led me back to the church where I was sure she would be setting up for the big event. Only her crew was there setting up rides and booths. I looked around desperate to see her but only gathered looks and grins from her eerily beautiful staff which actually frightened me. Quickly I entered the church office, closed the door behind me and sighed with relief to be away from those people that were so alluring yet so frightening. I stand with my back to the door, eyes closed when I felt her breath upon my face. I opened my eyes again startled by her unannounced visit. She stood so close to me it took all of my will to not reach out and touch her. “Do you like it so far?” she asked me. My throat was dry. I couldn’t speak. I only nodded. “Good! This is only the beginning.” And with that she was gone. I blinked and again found myself searching the room for her. At that point I fell to the ground from the dizziness and panic I had just experienced. Had I just hallucinated?

That night I lie in bed and replay every second of that moment in my head. How could she have just disappeared before my eyes? She was really there and I knew it. Suddenly the screeching came again. I went to my bedroom window and watched the movement of the owls through the fog that was slowly rolling in. I shivered as one turned to look at me while in flight. I stepped back from the window and ran into bed where I hid until slipping into sleep. Just like the night before the cool breeze come through the window and woke me. Again I saw her stand at the foot of my bed and again I was paralyzed with fear. As she stared at me, a grin stretched across her beautiful face. She knelt on my bed and began to slowly crawl on top of me. As I lay under her my heart beat so hard and fast I thought it was going to break through my chest. Her long black hair encased our faces and shut out the moonlight that came in from the window. “Are you happy?” she asked. “What do you mean?” was my pitiful response. She laughed. “You are the one I’ve been looking for.” Her eyes glowed. “In time you will see and you will understand.” She leaned forward and slowly pressed her lips onto mine. Instantly I found myself succumb to her. She took my tongue into her mouth and bit down on it slightly, making me bleed. I gasped but allowed it to happen because I wanted nothing more than to please her. She then bit her wrist and placed it onto my lips. The taste of her blood was beyond words. I began to feel a warmth and belonging that I could and would never be able to explain. When she took her wrist away she kissed me again. I fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of her.

The day of the carnival came. Families came and began to enjoy the rides, food and entertainment. Striges’ crew was dressed in uniforms that were dark but all were breathtakingly beautiful. The day went along without incident, the Fiesta Queen was named and the sun was beginning to fade as the fog rolled in deeper and thicker. That’s when I heard the first scream. Suddenly as if in a psychotic movie, everyone began to run in different directions, panicked, literally running for their lives. I stood unbelieving as I witnessed in horror these beautiful women turn into giant owls. At random they attacked and tore apart people young and old. They fed on everyone.


I stood numb as a large owl, the same owl that had looked at me, flew toward me. I wanted to back up but my legs wouldn’t move. As the owl landed I saw that it was Striges. “You belong to me now.” She stated. With that, she scooped me up and took me to her dwelling where she placed me in a bird cage. To my horror I discovered that I had become the newest member of her personal collection of human beings, fed, cared for and caged for life. Striges will sometimes take me out to play with me. I am so happy when she does. But when she puts me back and leaves my I find myself aching to see her again. Then I begin to wonder if I would have been better off dead with the rest of my friends and neighbors the day they were all massacred at the Fiesta.

Author: Roberta Griffin Copyrighted © One page article

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