What is a goblin?

A goblin is a mystical creature famous from throughout the globe. Indeed, they are part of many folklores across Europe and abroad.

Moreover, goblins became very famous thanks to Fantasy books and medieval tales.

Although often described as vile creatures, there is actually a wide variety of goblins types.

That’s why in this article we are going to explain the different types of goblin breeds and their abilities.


Hobgoblins, are creatures of the hearth. This type of goblin is often considered harmful and sneaky.


In Cornish and Devon popular tradition, the Knocker is a legendary, underground, gnome-like goblin. It is part of the same family of the to the Irish leprechaun.

Tales describe the creature as a two-foot-tall tiny humanoid with a disproportionately big head, lengthy limbs and wrinkled skin. It is known to disguises itself as a miner in order to steal abandoned tools from the miners themselves.

Trow goblins

Very popular in Scotland, Trow goblins are known to be so ugly that they can scare anyone who is looking at them.

Most of the fairy tales about this creature pictured it as nocturnal.

As other goblins, they like to steal and take advantages of the night to enter houses while people are sleeping to steal their furnitures and goods.


The Kobold is a bit different than the previous creatures as it is first found in German mythology.

This goblin is a shape-shifter and also has the ability to become invisible.

Even if they can do tricks, Kobolds can actually help people by doing chores or helping sailors navigating complicated seas.

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