The God Particle for Dummies

Posted on 07/08/2012
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We are all eagerly waiting for the results from CERN. CERN's slogan is A Laboratory for the World. Many were saying that this slogan is not an appropriate one, because the world is their playground and their laboratory. When the first stories about the experiments in this laboratory hit the news it was about their attempt to catch Higgs Boson. People got scared, there were even theories about possibility of this experiment kill us all. There were even claims that a black hole is gonna swallow us all, and that we are doomed, because of these experiments. The scariest story I've heard was about a girl from India who got scared so much, she committed suicide. This makes me wonder, if she was so scared of dieing why, for the love of God, did she killed herself? Wouldn't it be easier to wait for that black hole to swallow you? But, I'll call myself again to what Einstein said: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

CERN began in the 1950s as the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Today it is also known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. It is one of the world's most prestigious research centres. Its business is fundamental physics - finding out what makes our Universe work, where it came from and where it is going. (Read more about CERN)

Many were scared and still are about this Higgs Boson or better known as the god particle, but still no one knows what that is. This sounds pretty logic, because people are scared of the things they don't know. That's why we are scared of dark. Humans are weaker in the dark, our sight is disabled and we have fear of unknown. You can read a lot about this subject online, but still it is not written for everyone to understand.

Scientific editor of the British Guardian blog, decided to make all this talking simpler. They came up on idea to make it all easy, something like Higgs Boson or The God Particle for the Dummies. Me, personally love simple things. Not all of us are Particle Physics scientists, but still would like to know what's going on. You can reed this story about Higgs Boson to your children and they will get it.

Once upon a time in a far, far away kingdom lived two families: Fermion and Boson. These two families didn't like each other to much. They were fighting all the time. The reason of their fight was the way they danced. Fermions were well known for their dance with a specific half-turn. In family of Fermion were three brothers: Electron, Proton and Quark.

Bozons really hated that half-turn, they were always making full turns, and they were really good at it. In Boson family there were two brothers Photon and Gluon. There was a legend about a long lost brother, who went one day and never returned home. His name was Higgs Boson.

One day in this kingdom an old man came. He was a wise man, you could tell, and when he saw what is going on in this kingdom between these two families, said: " Stop with the fighting! Your fight about these full turns and half-turns is a complete nonsense. You were the same in the past before you had mass."

" At the beginning of the Universe" -the old man said- " you were born the same, but than you have fallen into a magic field, known as Higgs Field, who turned you different, except the Photon, who remained the same. He didn't change."

The old man also told them that this field was created by Higgs Boson, the long lost brother of Bosons.

Families were in shock. They refused to believe in a story like that, because after all they were fighting for a long time, and someone to just come in and tell them a thing like that. They thought the old man is really rude. So, the old man decided to show them they are silly for fighting and hit the road to find their long lost brother Higgs Boson. This old man's name was CERN, and it looks like he is on a good road to bring the long lost brother back home.

And it looks like we are about to live happily ever after.

Author: Stela Todjeras Copyrighted © One page article

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