Urban Legends That Are More Like Urban Facts

Posted on 06/18/2010
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An urban legend is what one could call a modern folk tale.  It is not quite old enough story to be considered a folk tale so we call them urban legends.  Most of these legends are based on small fragments of fact with little to no truth to them, but there are a handful of urban legends that have their entire basis in reality.  Take these examples:

Candy and Razor Blades


The Legend

You take your children out for a night of Halloween fun. You spend all night walking your child around the neighborhood allowing them load up on candy. You return home and are exhausted. You turn on the TV and settle down with your kids to finish the Halloween night watching scary movies on TV. Your children dump their candy out and begin chowing down. Suddenly you hear a scream from one of your children and he runs to you, his mouth filled with blood. He is crying with pain. He has a huge gash in his mouth. You begin to examine the candy bar your child was eating and to your horror and disgust you see a razor blade protruding from the chocolate.

The Facts

The majority of the documented cases of the razor blade in the candy can usually be traced to a prank pulled by a teen looking to have fun on Halloween. While I believe stuffing candy with sharp objects is inexcusable, in most cases the full intent to harm another is usually not the motivation in most instances. It is usually done as a playful prank to freak out parents or little brothers, but there are cases that break that mold.

In Minneapolis an incident occurred on Halloween of the year 2000. 49-year-old James Joseph Smith was arrested after he put needles inside of snickers bars and then handing them out to children during the Halloween festivities. A 14-year-old boy was pricked with a needle after biting into the bar and other children were also injured, luckily none had to be taken to the hospital.

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