What Would Happen If a Methor Hit the Earth?

Posted on 02/15/2013
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An asteroid the size of football field will buzz past Earth on 15th February, near our dear planet. It will not hit our Earth, but if the case was something like this to happen, what would it look? An impact like this would leave such a big crater, size of Washington.

Scientist are pretty sure, that something like this would happen, because a similar size asteroid made impact with Earth in 1908. A meteorite weighing 100 million pounds entered the Earth's atmosphere over Tunguska in Siberia, burning up the sky and releasing the same amount of energy which would possess 185 nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima.

Fortunately this meteorite hit the place on Earth where there's no population. You can imagine that a lot of animals had died and trees were burned, but no human were harmed. This meteorite with a diameter of 40 meters, the meteorite is similar to the 2012 meteorite DA14 which will pass by Earth at a distance of 27,000 kilometers. This is the closest passing by recorded so far. This passage is not close enough to threaten Earth, although it will pass by the area in which there are satellites that orbit around our planet. Siberia was not that lucky in 1908.

Somewhere after 7 am on Jun 30, 1908 a man was sitting on his chair in front of his store in Vanvara, Russia when he was suddenly thrown out of his chair. In the sky appeared a fiery rift, as the man said later to scientists. Although located 64km away from the point of impact, the man felt so much heat that he thought his shirt caught fire, according to NASA scientists. Other witnesses have described they heard the sounds of a blast of artillery fire.

Tunguska meteorite has enetered in the atmosphere at a speed of 53.900 km / h. There was no impact crater because the pressure and heat of this entry made the space rocks explode. The explosion leveled everything within 1287 square kilometers.

By the time this asteroid hit Tunguska, scientist thought that the impacts are similar to the nuclear bombs. However, the explosion spread in all directions, while the objects in the universe carry their energy in a single direction.

Asteroid 2012 DA14, space rock that will pass by Earth on Friday will not threaten mankind. However, if that were to happen, the damage would be tremendous.

These strikes, are estimated to occur on Earth every few thousand years. But because the comet disintegrating in the air and doesn't leave behind a crater, their traces is difficult to see - at the site of impact in Tunguska is now only possible to see the trees which grew back.

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