Whitney Houston Sacrificed

Posted on 06/12/2012
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Many stories about Whitney Houston death have been appearing on the net. There a lot of people who are convinced that this great singer's death is not a pure accident and that she has been sacrificed. There is a belief that many of famous people who died lately have been victims of Satanic, Masonic music industry. But, there are people who say that this is the path they have choose.

As I have heard, the use of numbers and dates are very important in occult rituals. This is the point of which I will start from. Whitney was 48 years old. 4x8= 32. The Soverign Grand Inspector General's or the 33 degree masons are advised to repeat the numbers of 32 degree that initiates in the highest degrees of masonry are maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine. 32 degree masons are told that Lucifer is god and Yhwh is also a god. They are also told that Lucifer is light and Yhwh represents darkness. They are made to believe that Lucifer the "god of light" is fighting for humanity against the darkness. Let's see how the fight against light and darkness was in Whitney's death. Remember the age? 48? 4+8=12...Whitney died on 2-11-2012 the day befor Imbolc. Imbolc is the pagan holiday which requires human sacrifice and it is celebrated February 1-2 it is also celebrated on February 12 on the Julian calendar. Imbolc marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The spring equinox marks the time when there is equal daylight and darkness. The struggle between light and darkness. This is the celebration of Sun God and the growing power of the Sun. This is satanic celebration where the participants wear red. They believe that Lucifer is gaining power at that moment. Imboloc is the celebration of the Sun Goddess Bridgid. She is the virgin goddess of unit, war and commerce. I am sure you all remember Madonna's Superbowl performance/ ritual? Whore of Babylon/ Virgin Madonna and Mercury, God of commerce, promoting unity and world peace. Brigid is also the goddess of high places, hills and forts. Whitney died in Beverly Hills in a hotel on 4th floor.

On February 11,2012 the night Whitney died Clive Davis threw a pre-Grammy party in the same Beverly Hilton Hotel while Whitney's body still lay dead submerged in the bathtub upstairs. Clive Davis and others from the music industry celebrated while Whitney's body lay in the room above their heads.

According to reports Whitney overdosed on prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are distributed in Pharmacies. The name is a derivative from pharmakia and it means witchcraft. The goddess Bridgit is a goddess of witchcraft, sorcery and magic. Bridgit is a goddess of wells and fountains. Water and sacred baths are also connected to this goddess because water is seen as a portal to the other side. Whitney was found dead or crossed over the other side underwater in a bathtub. Bridgit is associated with eternal flames. Remember Bridgit is the goddess of childbirth so the water and passing through the other side also represents childbirth. During the Superbowl Madonna/ ishtar/ The whore of Babylon and Virgin gives birth to the Sun God/ Antichrist/ who will usher in a false peace. Madonna who changed her name into Easther played the mother of Tammuz the Sun god.

These rituals surrounding the Superbowl and Whitney's death are connected to the birth of evil and darkness from the spiritual world to the temporal one. Madonna was joined by Nikki Minaj during her Superbowl ritual. Ancient Egyptian women gave birth squatting on magical bricks containing spells for a safe birth.

Nikki than gave her own sermon during the Grammy's on February 12, 2012. Nikki began her show in a mock temple, giving confession to a Priest. The pagan goddess Bridgit appears as St. Bridgid in Roman Catholic church. We are than shown how Nikki is possessed by a demonic spirit. We are than shown satanic priest dressed in white and red robes singing " O, come all ye faithful" which is a song about the birth of Christ. Remember Ceelo posing as a satanic priest orchestrated the end of Madonna's ritual which produces the birth of Sun and world peace... Go back to Nikki, her appearance to Grammy's, dressed in scarlet with the Pope. The hat the pope wears is the Mitre hat it represents dagon which are the fish man from the star Sirius. Dagon= Dragon and it is a symbol for the amphibious demonic spirits come out of the mouth of a dragon, the beast and the false prophet.

Why was Nikki dressed in scarlet walking hand in hand with the Pope at the Grammy's? I believe both women were inverted symbols of two women found in scriptures. Madonna represents Ishtar and Virgin Mary and Nikki represents Elisabeth, mother of the Baptist and that is why she comes with false prophet? This doesn't have sense or it does? What do you believe or what do you think here actually happened? One thing is for sure, we will miss Whitney, and maybe this is something we chose to believe because we can's face the fact she is gone.

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